190128 Art Talk 28th Jan 2019: Political Art

Date: Monday 28th January 2019 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: Political Art

Lecturer: Rosalind Miranda

All art is political in the sense that it engages society in some way, either influencing it or influenced by it. Some works speak more directly to concerns relating to human rights, corruption, class, wealth or power—not every artist is moved by beauty. At times, these more political works can cause a stir. Or perhaps a work is directly aimed at a political cause, an endorsement, or message. If this all sounds convoluted, it is—but that’s indicative of this culturally confusing time we live in. And we must not forget that ours is not the only convoluted and confusing time. Probably thinking people have always bemoaned the times they lived in, and this has been reflected in art through the ages. Paint is power!

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