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Matters Arising 12th Apr 14:00: Gender Equality

Matters Arising 12th April 14:00: Gender Equality

22 members turned up on the 8th of March for the first meeting of the group, to discuss the EU Referendum. We had a wide-ranging discussion, ably led by Lynn Clark - we discover new depths to Lynn every day, in her new role.

I have accepted to lead the group but, not being available full time, I will have to share it with other leaders as required. Chris Dry has come forward to lead in May. The group will not meet in July-August and December, as members are either travelling or are busy with visitors.

Let's see if we can keep interest in the group by discussing: Gender Equality during our next meeting on 12th of April.

The subject may seem simple and obvious - in fact, the subtitle should be: Why are we even still talking about it? In hindsight, we should have tackled it on March 8th, International Women's Day.

Although we've made great progress in gender equality since the 1960s when the first feminist movements started, it's still a hot topic, likely to give rise to a wide-ranging discussion. In fact, the challenge will be to keep it focused and, as far as possible, with a touch of humour.

There can be no discussion of Gender Equality without the persons most concerned, so we encourage ladies to come to discuss this important subject.

Saxo has seating for up to 50 indoors - please register your participation by sending me a message (click on the link to open a contact form).

Looking forward to seeing you during our next meeting.


Piotr Azia

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