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Welcome to issue number 85 of the Newsletter

 July 2016  


The newsletters are compiled by Dot Garrett.  

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For a printed (hard) copy of the newsletter they are available at the U3A monthly General meetings at the new members desk. They can also be collected from the Senieta (Moraira town hall) main reception desk, located at the car park end. (not the Tourist Information office)

Copy date for August 2016 Newsletter:  22nd July 2016


  Next U3A Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held on

Monday, 4th July 2016

at the Salóns G.L, Avenida del Mediterráneo 32, Teulada at 10:30 a.m.

Doors open to members at 09:30 a.m.


The speaker for our July meeting is:

Pat Spencer,who has stepped in at the last minute as our scheduled speaker is unavailable.
Her talk will be The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme.
Message From Our President

Message From Our President

By John Hopwood

We have entered the summer season with, yet again, record numbers of members.
Our next General Meeting is on Monday 4th July and we hope to see many of you there.
My thanks to all those on the Committee who work so hard to ensure we have a vibrant, effective and welcoming U3A.
My thanks also to all of those who work so hard in the background on behalf of all members. There are so many such as Piotr Azia who looks after the Website, Dot Garrett who prepares these newsletters, John Snell & Colin McNae who ensure we have a sound system ready for the general Meetings. If I have inadvertently missed any other regular helpers please let me know but also please accept my apologies.
Finally, I want to thank all of the Group Leaders who work so hard to ensure we have many interesting activities in our U3A.
As we do not have a General Meeting in August I wish all of our members a happy summer and look forward to meeting many of you at the September meeting
Thoughts concerning a Moraira/Teulada U3A Care Group

Thoughts concerning a Moraira/Teulada U3A Care Group

By John Hopwood

President’s address at the General Meeting 6th June 2016

The President’s Address is usually just a few short comments about one or two not so interesting things – really just a bit of an infill to pad the out the meeting.

This morning I want to make an exception and talk to you about matters which, if they don’t concern you right now they most certainly are likely to in the future, one way or another.

What I want to say has been brought about by various recent events and first of all I am very sad to have to report the passing last week of Cathy Middleton who, together with her husband Chris, has been a member of our U3A from when it was first inaugurated. I am sure that you will all join me in sending our sincere condolences to Chris. Sadly, such similar events are quite simply part of our lives.

I want to make special mention of two of our members – both lovely ladies who spent – or in one case she is still spending – many, many hours of their time to benefit you and me – their fellow members – pretty much every single one of you - because they both looked after all of the groups in our U3A.

I am talking about Shirley Baehr who one day was with us working hard as our Groups Coordinator and who was in, as far as we were aware excellent health, and yet the next day she passed away and it was an enormous shock to all of us who knew her.

The other lady I want to mention is Lynn Clark who was Shirley’s assistant or, as she called herself, ‘Shirley’s little helper’. Lynn stepped into the big job immediately after we lost Shirley.

Only a few weeks later, Lynn’s husband Brian, suffered a massive and disastrous stroke as a result of which he spent weeks in critical care and is now still in hospital in rehabilitation but the time will come when he will be sent home and when Lynn will probably have to be a full time Carer.

Both of these ladies have given a great deal of themselves, their time and their efforts to our U3A and to you, our members without the expectation of any reward.

Such events made me think about what would happen to my wife, or your wife or your husband if – and the probability is when – we have to face some similar disaster. Would you have any support and help from anyone other than your close friends – your families may well live in another country.

Moraira/Teulada U3A is such a strong organisation – 1800 members compared to most locally who have only 150 to 500 or 600 members.In such an organisation surely there must be members willing to guide and support a new group which instead of being one set up purely for the enjoyment of members is one which is run to provide some care, help and comfort for those of our members who may be in need.

I am suggesting that what we could do is to organise a group with members being willing to give maybe an hour or so every now and again to perhaps do some ironing or take a cake,or to do some gardening, or to take a fellow member on a hospital visit, or just to spend an hour or so chatting to fellow members who have encountered some significant difficulty or problem or loss in their life.

I know that we are very fortunate to have the local HELP organisation who do wonderful work but I do feel that in such a large organisation as ours there must be many of you who would be extremely happy and willing from time to time to help fellow members who may be in need.

I think what we need is simply a Group Leader – just as we have for all of our other groups – who would be willing to organise members who join that group to volunteer to help other members who may be in need for whatever reason.

I am not suggesting any great involvements – but I do feel just that most of our members are caring considerate folk who would love to have the opportunity to join such a group and occasionally enjoy the satisfaction of bringing a little sunshine into the lives of those of our members who may be going through a period of loss or of some difficulties.

So that is something I put forward for all of you to think about and I hope that one or more of you will be willing to volunteer to lead this new group.

I now have an announcement to make. One of those ladies I mentioned, Lynn Clark, has decided that due to her husband Brian’s illness she has to step down from her role as the Groups Coordinator. I mentioned that Lynn was Shirley Baehr’s Little Helper and she worked hard then and has worked even harder since taking over Shirley’s role – despite all of the family problems she is having to cope with.

However, she has now very reluctantly had to decide that she must pass on that role to another so, on behalf of all of our members I want to most sincerely thank Lynn for everything she has done for this U3A and I ask you to show your appreciation.

I am absolutely delighted to tell you that, true to form, Lynn has also had some discussions with Prue Jackson and as a result of those discussions Prue has agreed to take over the role as Groups Coordinator and, for the time being Lynn has agreed to work with Prue as her Assistant Coordinator. I am sure everyone will join me in welcoming Prue as our new Groups Coordinator.

It is due to folk like Lynn & Prue being willing to take on responsibilities and to work so hard on behalf of our members that we have such a wonderful U3A.


Classical Music Group Trip to the Theatre

Classical Music Group Trip to the Theatre

By John Sheppard

On Friday 3rd of June a group from the U3A classical music group went to the Auditori Teulada Moraira to see and listen to the young Chinese pianist Haochen Zhang. He was brilliant, and ably assisted by the Chamber orchestra of Valencia conducted by Daniel Abad Casanova.

In the first half Haochen Zhang performed Beethoven's concerto number 4 for piano and orchestra. In the second half the orchestra performed Beethoven's symphony number 5 - all very enjoyable.

Afterwards the group went to a local restaurant and was lucky enough to be able to talk to the conductor and some of the musicians who were also in there . A superb evening all round.


Healthy Walking Group Report June 2016

Healthy Walking Group Report June 2016

By Noelene Cummins

May 31st & June 2nd       Teulada Camis and Railway

This walk was not the scheduled walk. When it was checked a few days before, it was found to be impassable beyond the Canor Restaurant. The spiky grass was waist high and two of the terraces had been pulled down. A walk avoiding this part meant 40 people crossing the N332 just round a bend so that idea was scrapped! Another walk beginning at the large Teulada Industrial Estate car park was taken and proved to be very pleasant. Walkers were warned about a pack of about 10 barking dogs which were all tied to trees. Passing them could be a bit unnerving. We passed another group of barking hunting dogs but these were securely in a cage! About 38 people walked and most enjoyed coffee at the Poligono Bar on Tuesday and the Brico Bar indoors on Thursday. This was the hottest walk to date.Later walks were adjusted to suit the weather.


End of Season Lunch      Montgo Restaurant June 1st

Although there were two more walks planned, it was suggested that we had an end of season lunch. In past years we have had a meal in the New Year in the evening and walkers were pleased that this was a lunch as some dislike driving in the dark. 36 walkers sat down to pre-ordered meals. They were served very efficiently by pleasant, helpful staff. Each course was served and cleared before the next. This avoided the problem of some eating their main course while others waited for their starter! If we had chatted a little less we would have heard more easily which meal was ours when it was brought out!

Congratulations and thanks to the Montgo staff.

Thanks were expressed to John and Brian for leading the walks throughout the year.

Thanks also go to Robert and Frieda, who have had to be in Belgium for much of the summer, for the work they do planning the walk schedule, plotting and checking suggested new walks and emailing them to almost 250 walkers. Thanks also to Karen and Clive of the Javea Walking Groups who have spent many years planning walks and allow us to cannibalise their walks to suit our group!

Walks stop at the end of June.

The Healthy Walking Group has been very successful this year. Far greater numbers of walkers have turned up and some people walk on both Tuesday and Thursday. Sometimes the leader does the walk in reverse to see different aspects of the countryside. The weather caused only 3 of the 48 walks to be cancelled since September 2015. The highest number of walkers was 60 and lowest 12, and between October and December the average was 35.

The Leaders look forward to your company when the autumn season of walks begin mid-September.

John & Teresa, Robert & Frieda, Brian & Noelene.

Font Santa Picnic - 14th September 2016

Font Santa Picnic - 14th September 2016

The Social subcommittee have arranged a picnic at Font Santa on Wednesday, 14th September from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m.

Tickets are 7.50 euros each and are only available to fully paid-up members of the Moraira-Teulada U3A.

The price of the ticket includes Appetisers, Roast Chicken, Bread & Alli Oli and a welcome glass of cava. Disposable plates and glasses will also be provided.

Please bring your own salad, cutlery and extra drinks and also parasols to give you some shade.

Entertainment will be provided by the fabulous Duo Intermezzo and our very own Dave Peachey.

200 tickets will be on sale, subject to availability, at the General Meetings on 4th July and 5th September. Membership numbers will be required when purchasing your tickets.

For further information, please contact Steve Higham


U3A Band Dates and venues

U3A Band Dates and venues

By John Hopwood


Moraira/Teulada U3A Band goes from strength to strength with a number of dates booked in the summer season.

On Saturday the 18 th June the band has been invited to play for the Benitatchell Bowls Club’s summer dinner dance and whilst U3A band does not accept any payments for performing, the members of the Bowls Club will be donating an agreed sum to local charities.

On Sunday 26 th June the U3A Band has again been invited by Moraira Lions to open their series of Summer Concerts with a full evening’s performance commencing 8pm at the sea front next to Moraira Castle. We hope to have great support from all of the members of Moraira U3A as it is an opportunity to listen to some great tunes whilst helping Lions with your generous donations. Last year we helped to raise more than €1500 for local charities and we are very much hoping to well exceed that amount this year.

The next Golden Oldies Music Night is on Saturday 9 th July at the Café Del Mar and this is already very heavily booked so members are advised to send their requests for places to John Hopwood, the Group Leader, as soon as possible.

The members of the band are very grateful for your continued support.

Recipes : Summer Specials

Recipes : Summer Specials


By Eileen Haxon


A selection of easily prepared dishes using summer products




500g salmon steaks - skinned

2 small fresh slices of white bread made into breadcrumbs

3 tbs chopped fresh dill

2 tsp drained capers

butter / oil for frying


4 cm piece cucumber

8 tbsp natural yoghurt

a little chopped dill and a few drops of white wine vinegar

Cut the salmon into pieces, removing any bones, and chop finely in a food processor. Pulse gently until finely chopped but not quite a paste. Put into a bowl with the breadcrumbs, dill, capers and a little black pepper. Shape into small slightly flattened balls about 3 cm in diameter.

Make sauce, halve the cucumber lengthways and remove and discard the seeds from the middle with a teaspoon. Slice the cucumber into matchsticks. Stir them unto the yoghurt, then add the dill and the vinegar and season lightly with salt and pepper.

Warm the 2 fats in a saucepan until there is just a light film on the bottom. Cook the patties for about 2 / 3 minutes on each side until lightly coloured. Serve with the cucumber yoghurt.


300 g couscous

300 g roasted peppers drained and chopped

150 g salami slices - torn

100 g stuffed green olives rinsed and sliced crossways

100 g feta cheese cubed

2 tbsp parsley leaves

1 tbsp fresh basil leaves torn

2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

4 tbsp olive oil

Place the couscous in a bowl. Stir in 375ml boiling water. Season. Cover with cling film. Leave for 5 minutes, then use a fork to fluff up the grains.

Stir in the peppers. salami, olives, feta, parsley and basil.

Mix the vinegar and olive oil in a small jug. Season. Toss the oil mixture into the salad to combine. Serve in a shallow dish.


50 g sugar

50ml kirsch or brandy

pinch of cinnamon

100 g ripe cherries stoned

200 g white chocolate

350 ml double cream

dark chocolate for grating

Put the sugar, brandy, 50ml water and cinnamon in a small saucepan over a low heat until the sugar is dissolved, then bring to the boil. Add the cherries and simmer for 3 /4 minutes until they are tender. leave to cool in the syrup.

Chop the white chocolate into small pieces and tip into a large bowl. Heat a third of the cream into a saucepan until just beginning to boil, then slowly pour on to the white chocolate stirring continuously. Keep stirring until all the chocolate has melted. Set aside to cool.

Whip the remaining cream until thick, then fold in the cooled chocolate mixture. Keep whisking to stiff peaks if the combined mixture is not thick enough.

Drain the cherries and set aside 4 for decoration. Divide the rest among individual glasses and pipe or spoon the white chocolate mousse over them. Top each with a cherry and grate some dark chocolate over.


3 bananas, peeled and thinly sliced and frozen in a snap lock bag or container

2 tbsp almond or hazelnut liqueur OR swap for coffee to make banana coffee icecream

1 crunchie bar  lightly crushed

To make instant banana ice-cream, combine the frozen banana with the liqueur in a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. Scrape down any lumps and blend again. Serve in individual glasses topped with crushed chocolate crunchie.


Moraira - Teulada

Local Events and Information.

Font Santa Fiesta 1st - 6th July 2016

Font Santa Fiesta 1st - 6th July 2016



13.00  General bell ringing and then the traditional "entry murta".
21.30  Dinner popular snack peanuts and olives to Quintos 2016 will be distributed under
23.30  Spectacular macro mobile disco by DJ Alex Femenia and Dani Romero.


13.00 will be distributed cazalla courtesy of Blasco and beer courtesy of Sevisal.
14.00 Competition paellas (registration at 648 831003 or any fifth until Friday July 1) . There will be prize for the best 2 paellas.
15.00 Mobile Disco Dj Edu Buigues resident.

At the end of tournament, "cau i brisca" (inscriptions on day 1 at any fifth). There will be awards for 1st and 2nd partner and "fartons" horchata and all participants will be divided. Encourage them!

21.30  Dinner popular, peanuts and olives will be shared by the 2016 Quintos
00.00  Great performance by the Orchestra La Pato.

19:00  Mass in honor of San Vicente Ferrer Father. Then the traditional "Dansa" will be held by
Font Santa Teulada Group. When finished, the new - fifths of the Holy Font 2017 will be presented, and then the traditional "cokes" will be distributed. After the coronation of the new king will be held the Font Santa 2016
21.30 snack - Dinner popular
23.30 Mobile Disco by Dj Rizo
19.30  Release of cows livestock La Paloma.
23.30  Release of cows and a fire bull from the cattle DERIA La Paloma. Taurine Embola Orba Association.

19:30  Release of cows livestock La Paloma.
23.30  Release of cows and a bull livestock La Paloma.

19.30  Release of cows livestock La Paloma.
23.30  Release of cows and embolado bull livestock La Paloma. Embola The Piló.

At the end of a magnificent castle bulls artifice will skyrocket under the Font Quintos St. 2016.
Friday, July 8
10:30 p.m. poetic Night Vicentina. La Santa Font. Organizers: FRI Centenari San Vicent
. Ferrer * All those who want torecite his / s poem / s Vicentina subject will have to be put in contact with a member of the Asociación. At the end, sweet wine and coca maria offer all the world.


Fiestas Moraira 13th - 24th July 2016

Fiestas Moraira 13th - 24th July 2016

With apologies for the translation!

Celebrations in honor of Our Lady of Desamaparados and the Virgen del Carmen

19:00 Exhibition V painting competition organized by the Neighborhood Council and taught by Ginés Salvà, where you will see the work of his students and local artists.The artistic and perceptive work all year will be exposed in the Exhibition Hall of La Senieta.
"The artist is the hand that by a determined key makes the human soul vibrate. - Wassily Kandinsky"
21:00 Concert . Cultural Music Group of Teulada Moraira Yacht Club

Saturday 9


12: 00h XVI Crossing swim.Registration can be done in 15 days before or; and one hour before (11:00 h) in the concentration which will take place on the esplanade of the castle of Moraira. More than 1300 m swim.DID YOU ABLE TO ENDURE?

22:00 h 'LET 'S NOT ARRIVED !!! First parade of Moraira Festeros 2016 departing from the Fortí. Festeros will visit all the people very nervous and wanted to be with all of you, we will be accompanied by the Colla of Dolçainers and tabaleters Falco22.30 'Ready, set AND ACTION !!! Begins the presentation of Festeros 2016 and proclamation of parties by Juan Diego Noguera Muñoz, in the castle esplanade.

00:00 h 'COME, DANCE, ENJOY AND REVIVE !!! Macro Discomóvil Rememberrrr ... !!! Vicente Buitrón. Under a spectacular summer night, the best songs you danced remember both.


23:00 ¡¡¡FUNK, SOUL AND ROCK !!! You feel in you and you can not stop dancing. Arrives at the castle esplanade the performance of the musical group "Strickland".


13:00 'NOW IF YES, THE PARTY BEGINS !!! The bell ringing, myrtle and confetti in the streets, is the time of the entry of the Murta, accompanied by many surprises and especially party with music Charanga Bataclan. 'JOY AND PORTET PARTY! !!

22:00 h ¡¡¡POOORTET, POOORTETT ... !!! ¡¡¡PORTET PARTY BEGINS !!! Anyone who wants us to continue tofind ourselves in the castle esplanade, where we expect the fresquita MENTIRETA courtesy of Heladeria the Jijonencos and thus make the trek to the Portet accompanied by Charanga Bataclan. Once we get dance till you drop with TRIO LA GUARDIA body.


19:00 Parade and collection of Festeros and Festeras, accompanied by the Band of Jalón.

19:30 Concentration in Avd. Portet of all persons who want to participate in the Floral Offering, we accompany the Colla of Dolçainers and tabaleters Falco, Musical Cultural Association of Teulada and Jalón Band.

00:30 h ¡¡¡tHE TRIBE aND IS HERE! !! Highly topical music, he starts playing in the courtyard of the castle, return to our primitive ancestors dancing, drinking and laughing are the ORCHESTRA THE TRIBE

08:00 h 'GOOD MORNING, today we woke up !!! We hope the hangover is not too serious because an approaching tsunami of firecrackers and masclets. It's time to wake up, go out to the balcony and listen to the melody of the parties with Charanga Bataclan.

11:00 h collection Festeras Festeros and the rhythm of the Charanga Bataclan.

12:00 h Solemn Mass in honor of our patron VIRGIN OF HOMELESS sung by the Choir of Teulada.

14:00 'LIKE WE LIKE tHE NOISE AND SMELL POLVORA !!!! TRUE? Synonyms party like the BIG MASCLETÀ to be played in the ride Senillar in charge of pyrotechnics Ricasa.

20:30 Collection Festeras Festeros and the rhythm of the Band of Jalón.

21:00 Procession in honor of our patron VIRGIN oF HOMELESS accompanied by the Colla of Dolçainers and tabaleters Falco, Musical Cultural Association of Teulada and Jalón Music Band. At the end of our patroness the salves to skyrocket.
After the procession and as we all hope year after year, was fired a spectacular fireworks display CASTILLO, in charge of pyrotechnics Ricasa, which will illuminate the sky Moraira light and color to the sound of music. Once I completed we will begin with a musical duo that will liven up the beginning of a great night.

00:00  'Quack, quack !!! WHAT IS THAT? IT IS A PLANE? SUPERMAN IS THIS ? '... NOOO !!! It is THE DUCK. Come dance and enjoy a youthful atmosphere and especially holidays. ¡¡¡ ORCHESTRA DUCKMola Mazo !!!


08:00  ¡¡¡TO START THE DAY, GIVING A GOOD CHEER !!! DESPERTA No need to set your alarm clock, today you shall rise to are the mascot and tro bac.

11:00 am Parade and collection of Festeros and Festeras accompanied by Charanga Bataclan.

12:00 Solemn Mass sung by the Choir of Teulada in honor of the Virgen del Carmen , patron saint of fishermen.

14:00 They shoot the MASCLETÁ in charge of pyrotechnics in Ricasa Senillar ride. Once the mascletá, do not forget the traditions. Fun and thumps in PALO soapedare insured. See you in the spring of fishermen. PS: 'WE HAVE A FAIRY LITER !!! You dare to have fun?

19:30 Parade and collection of Festeros and Festeras accompanied by the Band of Jalón.

20:30Procession in honor of the Virgen del Carmen by land and sea, if the weather permits. Boats, boats, sailboats or canoes all are invited, but mostly fishermen. We will be accompanied by the Colla of Dolçainers and tabaleters Falco, Musical Cultural Association of Teulada and Jalón Music Band. On arrival at the church he will sing the Salve Marinera and appoint the Festival Committee 2017. Who will?At the end of this act, start the moated castle in charge of pyrotechnics Ricasa. All will hear 'OHHHH ... !!! When the sky and the sea of lights Moraira light and color. Then, for those who can not wait, start the night with rhythm with a musical duo that will liven up the beginning of a great night.

00:00 h 'WE LIKE PARTY !!! 'WE LIKE THE ORCHESTRA CRASHERS SEVEN !!! A spectacular show to play the blockbusters of the moment and the best tracks of Pop-Rock nationally and internationally. ¡¡¡!!! INSURED PARTY THIS


11:00 am Mass for the Dead.


11:30 AM Large and small, is your day. Come join us on the Avd. De Madrid and will enjoy a variety of traditional games.

19:30 An adventure ¡¡¡terrifyingly FUNNY !!! Itinerant street show where we will laugh at our fears. A group of monsters have come from beyond to teach us to laugh.

22:00 Come and enjoy the musical theater ME YOUR FACE SOUNDS, by some great artists of the land, as is our group THEATRE Portitxolet.



17:00 is the time of closure of heifers. BOYS AND GIRLS!!! ARE YOU READY? They are going to drop heifer by cl.Doctor Calatayud to the bullring, but not panic, 'they are carretons !!! 'There 's something for everyone, but all with horns !!! There will also be CARRETON Embolado !!! 'NOT EVEN IN THE WATER you escape !!! ¡¡¡ALE THUS, A goad !!!

19:30 Competition Bous a la Mar by livestock LA COVA Pedreguer.

23:30 h Bous a la Mar by livestock IFACH Calpe.


19:30 competition Bous a la Mar by livestock DOVE Jalon.

23:30 Bous a la Mar by livestock lA COVA Pedreguer.


19:30 pm contestBous a la Mar by livestock IFACH Calpe.

23 : 30 h Bous a la Mar p or livestock DOVE Jalon. After the awards to the best livestock will be held.


HISTORICAL AND CULTURAL DAY throughout the day will be exhibited along the Cl Doctor Calatayud. , old photographs of Moraira. In the castle esplanade will be an exhibition on the natural environment and next to the castle mount a fun

Photocall.18:00 in the Auditorium of La Senieta the Presentation of the book "That was Moraira" by Jose Sanz Chiarri be performed. He later signed books in Cl. Doctor Calatayud (up to the church). While in the Hall the exhibition of prints of fishermen in Moraira donated by the city will take place.

18:30 Screening: " A WALK THROUGH HISTORY OF MORAIRA " by Miguel Angel Rodrigez-Torices Sanz.

19:30 from the Senieta started the "TOUR THROUGH tHE STREETS OF MORAIRA" where we can find: the old town and its first buildings; old fishing gear; housework; and what was your typical cuisine. With the collaboration of the theater group Portitxolet Moraira.

20:30 On the esplanade of the castle, next to the fish market, an explanation of " ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT OF MORAIRA " by Concha Bru Ronda and Llobell Vicente Tur.

21: 00 h Visit inside the Castle

21:15 h we continue dancing with the traditional dances of the earth thanks to Font Santa dance Group of Teulada. We will go from the castle to the church square.

22:15 h In the church square, awaits us Cor Senieta of Moraira, which will delight us with beautiful typical songs of the earth, and taste the coca - marie accompanied by good Teulada muscatel.


10:00 Parade Festeros and Festeras for delivery of a gift to the older of Moraira accompanied by Charanga Mama't i Calla.

11:00 am Lunch for our retirees and Local pensioners in the festero Cl. John XXIII, enlivened by the Mama't i Calla Charanga of Pedreguer.

19:30 Presentation and exhibition IX CONTEST TOMATOES charge of the neighborhood Moraira Cap D'Or to be held in row Almoraima Cl. Almacenes 25.

22:30 pm demons roam Moraira, dance and jump in the fire, terrorizing who was crossing the road. 'IT'S THE CALORET THE CORREFOC! !! A magical moment you will not forget.

00:00 DISCO MOBILE "SOUND EXPERIENCE WITH CIRCUS PARTY AND ANIMATION CO - OPERATION OF CRAZY 'Today there 's lots going on !!! Many surprises are coming tonight.' Today you can Fire !!! spend all or snakes, but all in an environment that translates into a word !!! 'AWESOME


08:00 and another day we woke up, by the Festeros and Festeras. Today noise and gunpowder feel 'UNTIL tHE UNIVERSE aND BEYOND !!!

18:30 h XIII EDITION MILLA URBANA in Avd De la Paz Inscriptions in 15 days before.. or www.

21:00 in every party can not miss a NIGHT CLUBS, Acordaros to bring smock and something to eat that we Festeros and music. So, all Moraira to dance with tHE PLATINUM ORCHESTRA. ' Long live tHE ROCKS !!!



12:09 h Passacaglia of Festeros with Mama't i Calla Charanga of Pedreguer.

12:30 If you drink casalla not miss any ... see you in the church square for tasting all sorts of ways by drinking CASALLA Tennis Anise, by delighting with this great transparent and crystalline flavor.

14:30 h 'YUM, YUM !!! ¡¡¡RICO, RICO AND GROUNDS !!! Galbis buche fill us with a plate of paella. 'TODAY WE HAVE FOR ALL !! GIANT PAELLA!

20:00 Great costume parade with prizes for the most original and CHUCHES for kids to come in costume. Concentration in Avd. Del Portet.

Lions Club Lady GaGa tribute concert. 31st July 2016

Lions Club Lady GaGa tribute concert.


31st July 2016

Free Summer Concert   31st July  Seafront Moraira 20.00

Spectacular; sassy; over-the-top; outrageous! And that’s just the shoes! Yes, we’ve got her back for 2016 – Leah Kankowski is the No. 1 “Lady Gaga” Tribute Act in Benidorm and she, along with her Little Dancing Monsters, will again be taking to the stage at the seafront in Moraira as the headline act for the second in T.M. Lions season of summer concerts.

Leah and her troupe of dancers are hugely popular with locals and visitors alike, with a performance full of raw energy and real talent. If this will be the first time you have seen Leah and the boys – GET READY TO BOOGIE!!!!!

And appearing as Leah’s very special guests, husband and wife duo Justin James and Jaime Lee, better known as Timewarp Duo.

Both Justin and Jaime have a true talent for singing whether it be performing haunting ballads, powerful rock anthems, pop classics or creating their amazing tributes to some of the best singers of all time. As great entertainers, Timewarp Duo are deservedly in constant demand throughout the northern Costa Blanca and we are delighted shall have them on stage for you for what is sure to be a rollicking good night!

*Admission to all our Summer Concerts in Moraira is free but Teulada-Moraira Lions´ Club Members will be there in our distinctive yellow tabards to raise funds for our community work and various charitable projects by “rattling buckets” and asking for donations from the audience – PLEASE DO GIVE GENEROUSLY.


New Location For Teulada Weekly Market

New Location For Teulada Weekly Market

Some of you might have noticed, that the Teulada market has changed its location to the Plaza VI Centenari.
The citizens have asked for this change ages ago. The Calle Alicante is an important road to connect with the village center and the market has always caused problems, especially for ambulances and health vehicles who need access to the Alzheimer center.

Healthy Teulada-Moraira 2016 Beach Activities

Healthy Teulada-Moraira 2016 Beach Activities



From 20th June to 15th September 2016




June 2016

The Teulada-Moraira Town Hall has approved a decree which will help to guarantee freedom on public spaces. Measures will be available to stop aggression against human dignity, begging, street traders, abuse of public spaces and prostitution amongst others.

The main target of this decree is to preserve public spaces, to make it possible to share those common places with all citizens at any time, guarantee personal freedom and teach citizens to treat human dignity with respect. The decree will help to efficiently deal with new situations and circumstances. This might affect the maintenance of public spaces. The right of every citizen to freely use those spaces as well as enjoy his personal liberty will be respected, but on the other hand everybody must respect certain rules which guarantee human dignity and personal rights. It will not be done solely with the authorities controlling and fining, which sometimes will be necessary, they will take it a step further and also support and help in order to promote the values of civic life and of public spirit. The decree will include the whole municipality.

The following behaviors will no longer be accepted: acts against human dignity such as discrimination, xenophobia, sexism, homophobia or the disrespect of personal circumstances caused by financial or social difficulties, especially when attacks are targeted against the most vulnerable groups of our society.

Also not allowed: games on the streets which involve money, gambling - except with a special authorization -inadequate use of public spaces for games which disturb the neighbors such as using pedestrian steps, handicapped infrastructure, balustrades, benches, handrails or any other public furnishings with rollerblades or skateboards to improve acrobatic skills.

Also no longer allowed is any form of begging, use of public spaces to offer sex services, urinating in public and any form of vandalism.


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