This website allows authorised users to post information.

Here is information for content providers.

  1. The Groups coordinator has an oversight on all the Group activities and pages. She can add, modify or remove content concerning groups
  2. Travel events and Cultural Activities coordinators have, each, a dedicated area, where they can post information at any time
  3. The Newsletter editor can post the latest newsletter and provide access to past issues
  4. The president and committee members can communicate with members on the latest issues or any other subject they wish to raise
  5. All user accounts are personal and should not be shared under any circumstance – you are responsible for the content published or modified using your login. If you wish to share any of the editing tasks with another person, you should request a new login
  6. You should advise immediately the webmaster if you suspect that your login information has been accessed by an unauthorised person, so that we can take immediate action to protect the integrity of the site
  7. In case of repeated violations of posting guidelines or security breaches, posting privileges will be revoked from the user

Instructions are already available online or are in the process of being compiled on how to create and manage posts, pages and media. If you require additional instructions, please let me know, so that I can add them.

Please contact the webmaster if you need information on the operation of the site and help in posting.