Accounts 2014

U3A Moraira – Teulada

Report and Accounts – 31st December 2014

I am pleased to present the Financial Report and Accounts for the period 1st January, 2014 to 31st December 2014.

A full statement of Income and Expenditure together with a Balance Sheet show the financial position at 31st December 2014 it therefore attached.  I would like to thank U3A member Ian Brown for taking on the role as U3A Moraira – Teulada Auditor.

The key features of the Accounts are as follows:

At the end of December 2014 the Association has 1,524 members who collectively contributed 15,140.00€ in subscriptions.

A total of 4,075.46€ was spent on general expenses, covering items such as Stationary, photocopying, translation, membership cards web costs and other miscellaneous expenses. 1,990.00€ on room hire for monthly meetings and use of La Senieta. 1,902.21€ on Liability Insurance, payments of 1,529.37€ were made to groups which are itemised in the attached report. We paid for the music for the Dinner Dance 585,00€

New items of equipment have been purchased, microphone for general meetings and drama group. A music Centre for the music group.

The Income and Expenditure report shows an excess of income for 2014 which is inline with the budget for 2014.

Additionally assets of 1,165,22€ are held, and added to the asset register where the equipment purchased over the last 6 years, less depreciation.

An external auditor has examined the attached Statement of Accounts and he has certified their correctness. He confirms they are an accurate statement of the Association’s finances.

In conclusion, it is hoped that these documents provide a full and informative account of U3A finances and trust that Members will approve the attached Statement of Accounts at the General Meeting in April 2015.

Titch Crossfield

Treasurer for 2014

U3A Moraira Teulada

Ian Brown – Auditor for 2014 Accounts

I have examined the accounts of Moraira/Teulada U3A and the associated Travel Group.

In my opinion and to the best of my knowledge and belief they are in accordance with the books and records held and represent a true and fair view of their respective financial positions as at the 31st December 2014.



In 2014 the Travel Group have continued to be as popular as ever with the membership. Providing a wide variety of Trips at a cost that appeals to the widest possible audience within our membership which has always been the Groups main aim

The accounts record the Income and Expenditure for each trip.  The records for each trip have been audited and confirmed as correct.

On the whole most of the trip realise more income than expenditure.  This is because the trip cost is based on forecasted take up of the trip, whereas in practice the take up has been higher than forecasted.

At the end of the 2014 the total funds held in the Travel Account was €19,851.46 being mostly made up of money held on account of future trips.  The sum of 761.01 is working capital of the Travel Group for this year

Working capital at the end of 2013 was €952.94 and the working capital for 2014 show a decrease of €191.93, this decrease was main due to the fact that the Travel Group had to upgrade computer equipment which the group cannot operate without.  Most trips in 2014 came within budget with small excesses.  There were only two trips which had a deficits of less than €25 each.

The Travel Groups planned budget for this year includes the costs of running the Travel Group and the majority of these costs are incurred in printing material for trips. The budget also includes keeping a balance in the account to ensure that we have funds in case of emergencies which may occur on any of the trips.  Emergency have arisen on trips so the Travel Group is well aware of the necessity of ensuring such funds are available.

Finally, I would like to thank our President, Jill Cole and Ian Brown for Auditing the Travel Group Account.

Carol Mantle Jill Cole Ian Brown
Travel Group Treasurer U3A President Auditor
  March 2015

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