Healthy Walking Group Privacy Policy

Thu 10 May, 2018

Dear Healthy Walkers, In view of the new privacy rules coming into effect on the 25th of May we like to inform you on our privacy policy. From the healthy walkers who subscribed to our […]


Regular Walkers New Year Dinner

Mon 6 March, 2017

‘Regular Walkers’ New Year Dinner This ‘get together’ was supposed to celebrate the New Year but to avoid clashes with other events in the area it was held on 1st February! Walks are on Tuesday […]


Healthy walking season starting again

Sun 28 August, 2016

Dear Healthy Walkers, Summer is coming to an end and the new season to start walking is coming close. We hope you all had a nice summer and a good time, wherever you spent the […]


Overview of a successful walking season

Thu 14 July, 2016

The walking season for 2016 has gone in summer recess until 13 September 2016. The past successful period from September 2015 until June 2016, with the high number of walkers who came savoring the beautiful surroundings […]


Healthy Walking Group Report March 2016

Tue 22 March, 2016

Healthy Walking Group Report  March 2016  1st/3rd March           Rafalets to Tarrula This is a pleasant level walk along roads and tracks through forests and parts of Llueca development. 39/29 people walked. On 3rd March the […]


Healthy Walking Group report, February 2016

Wed 9 March, 2016

26th/28th January. Teulada, Els Molins, Castellon It was very misty for the Tuesday walk and there were no views. 24 members enjoyed the walk which started at Teulada Cemetery and had some steep parts to […]


Healthy Walking Group recce February 2016

Mon 29 February, 2016

Healthy Walking leaders went on a recce, looking for new walks for the group. It was at times harder than anticipated, as the pictures show – and they wanted to share the experience with the […]


Healthy Walking: Annual Dinner

Mon 9 February, 2015

With our regular walkers available n this season, on the 4th February we had the annual New Year’s Dinner at La Brisa which was decorated with the Healthy walking group trademark.  As such, with the feet , […]


Healthy Walking Jan 2015 – going strong

Wed 4 February, 2015

Healthy walkers enjoying exercise and the good weather Photos by Robert Verbruggen Click to visit the group page for additional information and a schedule of walks