Las Chicas Que Comen review and photos at Ca La Iaia

Sun 13 April, 2014

Intimate and inviting, restaurant Ca La Iaia provided a delightfully serene locale for the second gathering of Las Chicas Que Comen. Large canopies sheltering the round tables from the strong spring sunlight attested to the […]


“Las Chicas Que Comen” Next Lunch

Fri 4 April, 2014

“Las Chicas Que Comen”  The Ladies Lunch Group. Hola Chicas Judging by several e-mails received this morning, yesterday’s lunch seems to have been enjoyed. I hope that’s true for everyone. Forgive me for hitting you […]


Las Chicas que Comen (Ladies Lunch)

Thu 20 March, 2014

Read on for details of our next lunch. The name of the group is: “Las Chicas Que Comen”: This is a group of ladies who meet once a month at a restaurant with a good Menu del Dia for a […]


Ladies Lunch “Las Chicas Que Comen”

Tue 18 February, 2014

The name of the  new group is “Las Chicas Que Comen”: This is a group of ladies who will meet once a month at a restaurant with a good Menu del Dia for a sophisticated meal with […]