Matters Arising 14:00 8th Nov: What is Big Pharma

Tue 30 October, 2018

Geoffrey Hurst has kindly agreed to lead our next discussion on Big Pharma. It used to be a description of the major Pharmaceutical Industries …. Does it now conjure up a demonized picture of the […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising Thu 11th Oct 14:00: The NHS

Wed 3 October, 2018

On 6 July 2018, the NHS celebrated its 70th birthday. What kind of future can it look forward ? Can it continue to provide services in the way that it has or is it time […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising 2 March – Conclusions

Fri 6 April, 2018

The group met on 2 March to discuss the ethical, professional and legal issues concerning assisted dying. We had the benefit of contributions from three members of the group with professional experience in palliative care, […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising 12th Jan 2018 – conclusions

Fri 12 January, 2018

During our first meeting on a Friday morning we followed Geoff Corré’s idea and covered the Year 2017 in Review. After mentioning a few salient events, the discussion settled on sexual harassment. While agreeing that […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising Friday 12 Jan 10:30: Year in Review

Sat 6 January, 2018

When: Friday January 12 10:30 (note new date and time!) Where: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45 1st floor Subject: 2017 Year in Review Happy New Year to all! For the first discussion of the year, Geoff […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising Monday 9th October 14:00

Sun 8 October, 2017

You know Rupert Murdoch, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin – but have you heard about Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, Sputnik, RT? You will have noticed, during the last few days, the avalanche of news […]

Matters Arising

Matters Arising 7th June

Wed 10 May, 2017

Don’t miss the next meeting of the Matters Arising discussion group! Chris Dry will lead the discussion on: “Prostitution, drugs, euthanasia: should we legalise things that are presently illegal?” The meeting will take place in Aula… […]