Charities information

The following information has been prepared in order to inform our members what charities there are in the Moraira/Teulada area. You may wish to join one or more to help support their work or perhaps you may wish to request their help.

Help of Denia & Marina Alta
A charity which began in 1984, and is fully registered in Spain, and manned entirely by volunteers. They try to provide short term support and assistance to people in our area when there are medical or other health related needs. Services include:
An Interpreter Service and Help desk, in English Monday to Friday at Denia Hospital.
Volunteer Hospital Visitors for English speaking patients twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at Denia hospital.
Medical Equipment loans.
Respite Care Service in an English speaking Residential Care Home in Javea, paid for by HELP.
The proceeds from our Moraira Charity shop help to pay for this service.
Care in the community.
A Parkinson’s Support Group.
A Diabetes Support Group.
More information:

Charity Shop Teulada
ASOCIACION BENEFICA de TEULADA is run by volunteers, in the main British, but they do have other nationalities helping including Spanish, and all monies raised originally went towards the upkeep and maintenance of the Red Cross Ambulance situated on the N332 at the Benissa/Gata/Teulada roundabout.

Recently, the A.B. de T formed an alliance with Social Services and Protección Civil Teulada/Moraira to provide a new ambulance service for the local community.
They support the people of Teulada Moraira and have recently donated Twenty Thousand Euros to Teulada Alzheimer’s day centre to enable them to purchase a much needed vehicle.

The Shop
Visit the shop at Avenida Mediterraneo 183, Teulada, which is 100m from the large roundabout which has roads to Moraira and Benitatchel. You can’t miss it with its bright red gate.
Prices are highly competitive and there are regular bargain rails for clothes which
are updated weekly. There are also exciting lucky dip boxes with books, bric a brac, glassware etc all at amazingly cheap prices.
Open Monday to Friday 10am – 1pm
Volunteers are always required. If you can spare just 1 morning a week (3½ hours) you will be made very welcome. Full training is given on the various tasks involved and each day’s team runs the shop for that day with a nominated team leader.

Children of EMAÚS
Emmaus (in Spain called Emaus) was founded in Paris in 1949 by Abbé Pierre. It is now active in 38 countries combating poverty and homelessness. This registered charitable association now has seven branches across the Costa Blanca area dealing with problems concerning families, their children and their elderly relatives.

At present EMAÚS runs 9 children’s shelters and occupational workshops for teenage children, a counselling service for families with problematic children, and a shelter for battered wives. The EMAÚS children’s shelters house children who have no other home to go to, either because of an impossible family environment, or in some cases, because they have no family at all.
The children’s shelters have nearly 90 children living in them at the moment with an age group ranging from 2 to 18. Whilst EMAÚS, as a charity association, is funded with some grants from the Generalitat of Valencia this, unfortunately, is never enough.
Each year they need to find over 30% more on top of this sum in the form of donations.
For more information.
Telephone 965841848

A very worthwhile charity for people in need. Caritas reflects the social mission and core values of the Catholic Church. They believe in dignity, solidarity and stewardship on behalf of the world’s most vulnerable people. They focus their activities on poverty, social exclusion and inequality, migration and asylum.
There are now so many people out of work and the assistance offered by the Spanish Government is limited. Every donation is gratefully received.
There are opportunities to donate food items to Cáritas .Tins, dried goods and jars are all suitable but please ensure they are in-date and in an acceptable condition.
For more information
Telephone 96 646 1824.
during 2012. While this charity was our nominated charity for 2012, we collected €5,174 as well as donating items for sale in their shop.

MABS Cancer Support Group
Some of you may know that MABS obtained a van last year, basically for the movement of medical equipment such as beds, hoists, chairs etc. for cancer patients to and from their homes.
In the time that the van is not being used for this purpose, they also pick up saleable items which have been donated by the public for sale in the MABS shops (any items from inside & outside homes). This is, of course, a free service.
They also deliver larger items that have been purchased in the shop to the homes of the buyers – sometimes making a small charge.
For more information contact: John Price either by email on or by phone on 669 552 978,