Chicas at Attico

36 Chicas ventured further afield and higher in the sky for our latest outing and boy was it worth it! To be precise, we were in Javea port in Attico restaurant on the top floor of the Javea Hotel. The views were wonderful, looking one way to the Fishermen’s church, the other all the way along the coast, in beautiful sunshine.

Sharing starters were interesting and tasty, and a substitute discreetly provided for a non-pork eater. The only criticism I heard was that there was way too much food, not a bad criticism to have! Everything was plentiful, but the lamb legs were especially huge, and the salmon received much praise. After all that, people with light sorbets for dessert looked a little smug, but others managed to do justice to the lovely light chocolate cake. Conversation flowed easily as always among the Chicas, and the event was a resounding success. Many thanks to Lynn and her charming team, Dot and Elaine.

Jan Adams