Computer group meeting at 16:00 5th April 2016

Robert Verbruggen, leader of the computer group, will not be available until the month of September – this means that there will be no regular meetings until autumn.

During Robert’s absence and in order to help members, I will be available to answer questions concerning Apple systems following the Tablets and Smartphones meeting, at the Café Relax in Moraira on 5th April. The Tablets and Smartphones meeting is scheduled 14:00-16:00, so we will continue from 16:00 with the computer group. Please note that I do not currently use Windows systems – I will try to assist Windows users, but I cannot guarantee that I will have all the answers you are looking for.

Piotr Azia



A message from Robert:

Dear Computer group and U3A members,

Here some news on current developments.

We need, first of all, a proper venue for our meetings. We have applied for a room in La Senieta, on the first floor. This would give us the necessary facilities of tables and Internet access. We can use a U3A video projector and screen. This will allow us to show proper explanations to the group, rather then having to go to each PC screen for every questions. 
We’ve had, so far, two informal meetings at Café Relax. The February one was well attended, while in March only 2 persons for the Windows group and 2 for the Apple group turned up. We see it as a sign that members found that the venue is not optimal and we have decided to postpone further full meetings until the Senieta room becomes available.

Check the Computer group page

Directions to Café Relax, Moraira