Cultural Arts Programme

Cultural Arts coordinators: Hugh and Beverly Stewart

Cultural Arts coordinators

May 30 @ 20:00 Casa de Cultura
Let There Be Music After their successful debut concerts last year, the harmony group Adagio have put together a programme for 2019 called “Let There Be Music”.  The next performance will be at the Casa [...]
May 31 @ 09:40 Careline Theatre
This is an original story, loosely based on the Aristocats and written by members of Careline Theatre and performed by Careline Theatre and Careline Performing Arts and Dance Academy. When a rich lady leaves her inheritance to her cat [...]
Jun 6 @ 08:00 La Ermita de San Joseph
Clarinets in Concert! Perhaps the greatest feature of the Clarinet is its versatility! And if you would like to see and judge that for yourself, you could do no better than to attend one of [...]