Dining Out November 2015: Olive Tree restaurant

Olive Tree Restaurant Moraira November 2015

The Dining group returned to the Olive Tree Restaurant in Moraira for their November event. The terrace outside is ideal for a meet and greet location, although sitting outside with an aperitif soon proved a little chilly and people moved inside to the bar area to stand around chatting, or went to find their seats.  The food was very tasty, but served a little slowly, so that the first finished table was actually leaving before the last had been served coffee. But everyone agreed that the food was delicious, there were no complaints, plenty of praise, and judging by all the animated conversations everybody enjoyed themselves hugely as usual.

Our thanks again to this month´s hosts Shirley and Derick

Overall Rating

Food 9.5

Atmosphere 9.5

Service 8.5

Wine 10

Value 9

Jan Adams

November  2015

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