Dining Out Costa Marco, Benimarcó Oct 2015

This month´s venue for the Dining Group was Costa Marco in Benimarcó. I went with the first group and people clearly enjoyed the occasion. There were a very few slight reservations on some of the dishes, some saying the beef starter was a little tough, but many more saying it was wonderful. And the soup and the salad bar got rave approval. Interestingly, the waitress poured a glass of wine each on our table and left, but overheard the rebellious mutterings, returned and left the bottles on the table! Good reaction. Other tables were given small carafes. The first group was smaller at 35, but the second group had over 50 people and filled the restaurant, creating an even better atmosphere. And they had opened specially for us on what should have been their day off. I’m sure this paid off, as many people said they had never been there but would certainly go back. Well done and thanks to our hosts Bob and Kay Cope.

Food 8.5
Wine 9
Service 9.5
Ambience 10

Jan Adams

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