Cleopatra – Queen of Egypt

Mon 9 March, 2020 @ 10:30 – 12:30
Teatro, Espai la Senieta
Brian Nicholls, Cheda Panajotovic and John Hopwood

Lecturer: Angela Chantry

Only 17 years old when she took the throne, Cleopatra quickly became one of the most powerful rulers Egypt had ever known. Her romantic liaisons and military alliances with the Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, as well as her supposed exotic beauty and powers of seduction, earned her an enduring place in history and popular myth. Who was Cleopatra? What and whom did she hold dear? Was she the exotic beauty or did she lure her famous lovers with her intellect and her power? One thing is certain, Cleopatra came to represent, as did no other woman of antiquity, the prototype of the romantic femme fatale.