The Life and Wonderful Artistry of the Valencian Artist Joaquim Sorolla

Mon 27 January, 2020 @ 10:30 – 12:30
La Senieta (Theatre)

The Life and Wonderful Artistry of the Valencian Artist Joaquim Sorolla

Joaquim Sorolla was born in Valencia in 1863 into a very poor family and all we know is that his father was a tradesman. His father and mother both died of cholera when Joaquim was three years old and his sister Concha two.

His artistry developed from a very young age and by his late teens he was studying art at the Prada Museum in Madrid. Whilst he was still a young man his studies took him to Rome and then Paris and then back to Rome.

His early works included oriental, mythological, historical and social subjects for display in salons as well as showing at international exhibitions in Madrid, Paris, Venice, Munich and Chicago.

He soon rose to general fame and became the acknowledged head of the modern Spanish school of Painting.

He enjoyed great success when his picture Another Marguerite (1892) was awarded a Gold Medal at the National Exhibition in Madrid

The Return from Fishing (1894) was much admired and was bought by the Musee du Luxembourg.

Sorolla was passionate about two things – his family and his art. He would work from six to nine hours a day every day except Sundays and would often stand in the hot Spanish sunshine for hours whilst completing a painting.

He is probably most famous for his wonderful beach scenes of young children, fisher folk and scenery.