Film Groups Schedule Nov 2017 – May 2018

Date Film Title Film Type
Mon 23rd October 2017 Calendar Girls Back Catalogue
Mon 13th November 2017 The Girl on the Train Recent release
Mon 27th November 2017 The Holiday Back Catalogue
Mon 11th December 2017 Hacksaw Ridge Recent release
Mon 8th January 2018 Going in Style Recent release
Mon 22nd January 2018 Gosford Park Back Catalogue
Mon 12th February 2018 The Sense of an Ending Recent release
Mon 26th February 2018 Atonement Back Catalogue
Mon 12th March 2018 Get Out Recent release
Mon 26th March 2018 The Bucket List Back Catalogue
Mon 9th April 2018 Hidden Figures Recent release
 Mon 23rd April 2018 Quartet Back Catalogue
Mon 14th May 2018 Lady Macbeth Recent release
Mon 28th May 2018 The Soloist Back Catalogue


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