Friends of Avinença 23rd Sept 2014: Trip to Marjal dels Moros

On Tuesday 23rd September we are planning a day trip to the Marjal dels Moros. This is a coastal area to the south of Sagunto. The Valencian Authorities are arranging for this location to become an ornithological and wildlife protected area. They are planning for it to become an eco tourism site and have invited us to visit and give them our view of their facilities and the further steps they could take. As we have benefitted greatly from the assistance of the Consellerias of Valencia in obtaining entrance to various sites, it will be good to return a favour. This will be a fine opportunity for some birdwatching as well as finding out about the other wildlife.

In the afternoon we will be looking at the Port of Sagunto from the historical, commercial and environmental impact aspects over the centuries. Sagunto has been an important port over the millennia, being controlled first by the Iberians, then the Romans, then the Greeks, the Carthaginians, the Romans again, the Visigoths, the Moors, and the Christian Spanish (under various Houses).

Many of you will have visited the castle at Sagunto, now is a chance to find out about the relationship between the town, the castle and the port

Booking for this trip will be opened on 1st August.

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