Healthy Walking Program May – June 2017

It took a while for the climate to settle for summer conditions. Now it seems we are slowly getting to it.  We still had to cancel some walks due to the rainy days. It seems long ago that we had such a rainy and unstable Winter/Spring.
We are now looking forward to beautiful walks again without the cancellations we had to make due to bad weather in past months.  As you all know, changes are happening in the walk leaders landscape. You all appreciate, at a certain moment changes happen to all our personal life situations. Necessary changes are happening then, but it is also an opportunity for renewal and fresh ideas.
We are anxiously looking forward for volunteers to step in to help out so we don’t have to cancel walks because of leaders availability.  Walk descriptions and programs are all available to assist the walk leaders, but we need help to take our group of 20 to 50 walkers on a safe outing (without getting lost!).
We look back on 2 months successful walks with an attendance between 20 and 45 walkers on all our walking days.
A new interesting schedule is put together for you, which you can download on this link :
The present schedule ends on the 15th of June when we go on summer recess until mid September.
We look forward to see you on the walks!

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