“HELP” of Denia and Marina Alta – Secretary Post

We have received a request from the HELP Charity to see if any of our Members may wish to take on this role. If you are interested please contact Judith Goodall, President for HELP.  Email address shown below.

At the forthcoming AGM in 2015 there will be some important changes in your HELP committee.
One of these changes is in respect of the Secretary post.
After 7 years in the post I will be stepping down. At the moment there is no candidate for this position, a situation which was the same as at the last AGM, when I agreed to continue for another 12 months.
The committee of HELP is concerned that there is a suitable person in place by the next AGM and initially is asking all members to consider whether or not they are interested in the post. Otherwise, do they know someone outside of the organisation who would be interested/suitable and could subsequently join HELP?
The Secretary post is one of the key posts without which the organisation may cease to function. It is crucial that an electable candidate is in place by the next AGM otherwise the reality is that HELP could fold.
So the committee is asking its Volunteers to give this matter serious consideration. Anyone interested in the position, please contact Judith Goodall email pres.helpofdenia@gmail.com
Also, the Terms of Reference (job description) can be provided on request from the HELP Office.
David Platt   –    Secretary of HELP of Denia & Marina Alta

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