Matters Arising Friday 12 Jan 10:30: Year in Review

When: Friday January 12 10:30 (note new date and time!)
Where: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45 1st floor
Subject: 2017 Year in Review

Happy New Year to all!

For the first discussion of the year, Geoff Corré has suggested talking about the Year in Review – thanks Geoff.

As you know, Geoff Corré led our last discussion in November about Modern Slavery. Very interesting subject, to which we may return in the future, as we only touched some of the many aspects of the issue.

You will have noticed yet another change of day and time for the group’s meetings. We had to move our times again, as Monday afternoon is taken by another group using the room – let’s see if the Friday morning slot is suitable for a majority of members – glad to have your feedback on the subject.

We covered the following subjects in 2017:

But many more important events marked the year: Inauguration and first several months in office of Donald Trump, war in Syria, talks and developments connected with Brexit, terrorist attacks, individuals in the USA massacring people because they could lay their hands on seemingly unlimited amounts of weapons, crucial presidential elections in France, general elections in the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic, just to name the main ones, the plight of the Rohingya in Burma and Bangladesh…

You can add events which you think were significant, we can cover a broad range, or limit the discussion to a few main stories – your choice.

Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.

Please let me know whether you intend to participate:

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