Matters Arising

Frequency: Monthly on the 2nd Friday 10:30-12:30 – check the actual day and time as there may be variations

No meetings in July-August and December

Venue: Aula Asociaciones, Calle Calatayud 45, 1st floor, Moraira

Group Leader: Piotr Azia

A Discussion Group

If you like a stimulating discussion, if you want to meet interesting people – join Matters Arising!

A lively and humorous Discussion Group. It’s very informal, no one has to speak if they don’t want to, they can just sit and listen, but you may be surprised to find how often you find that you do have an opinion, which you want to voice.

The subject for each month is chosen the previous month. Anyone can suggest a subject, and if the majority of the group’s members agree, that is the topic that will be discussed the following month.

Looking forward to seeing you in connection with the next discussion.

Contact me if you wish to join the group or receive email updates on our activities or join our closed group on Facebook:

Note: you can send me an email by clicking on the email address above. If your browser doesn’t allow it, select the whole email address with your mouse, press the control key and the letter c at the same time on a Windows computer (or command and c on a Mac), go to your email handler and paste it in the address bar with control and the letter v (command and v on a Mac).

Matters Arising closed group on Facebook

We have a group on Facebook (it’s closed in order to avoid spam and unwanted posts by non-members), so that group members can interact at any time, before and after a discussion, share insights and vote for the subjects they’d like to debate. To request to join the group, click on the link shown above and send me a request from Facebook, or contact me by email.

The group meets in the Aula Asociaciones, kindly provided by the Teulada-Moraira ayuntamiento. It’s on the main street of Moraira, calle Calatayud no. 45, on the right looking towards the sea, first floor (there is a small lift). Below you will find a map pinpointing its location:

Matters Arising 12th Jan 2018 – conclusions

During our first meeting on a Friday morning we followed Geoff Corré's idea and covered the Year 2017 in Review. After mentioning a few salient events, the discussion settled on sexual harassment. While agreeing that there was no room for sexual…

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Matters Arising Friday 12 Jan 10:30: Year in Review

When: Friday January 12 10:30 (note new date and time!) Where: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45 1st floor Subject: 2017 Year in Review Happy New Year to all! For the first discussion of the year, Geoff Corré has suggested talking…

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking: discussion at Matters Arising Mon 13 Nov 13:30

During our meeting at 13:30 (note earlier timing!) on Monday 13th November, Geoff Corré will lead a discussion on: Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking This is a major human rights issue of global concern and is the fastest growing criminal…

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Matters Arising Monday 9th October 14:00

You know Rupert Murdoch, Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin - but have you heard about Robert Mercer, Cambridge Analytica, Sputnik, RT? You will have noticed, during the last few days, the avalanche of news and, above all, pictures about…

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Matters Arising 12th September 14:00 – free discussion

After a long summer break, we will be meeting again on Tuesday 12 September, 14:00 at the usual place in calle Calatayud 45, 1st floor in Moraira. I've been busy with family for the last couple of months and I haven't had the time to prepare a…

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Matters Arising 7th June

Don't miss the next meeting of the Matters Arising discussion group! Chris Dry will lead the discussion on: "Prostitution, drugs, euthanasia: should we legalise things that are presently illegal?" The meeting will take place in Aula... la…

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Matters Arising 9th May 14:00 – free discussion

Time just flies - barely noticed that it's time for our monthly appointment. As we don't have a prepared subject, how about an informal, free-ranging discussion tomorrow afternoon? There is no shortage of subjects: from the 2nd round of the French…

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Matters Arising 11 April: Populism – conclusions

The discussion subject was: Populism A select group of members joined the discussion for well over an hour. As the group was small, we could range widely and touch on a number of subject, like vaccinations (did you realise that populist dislike…

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Matters Arising 11th April 2017 14:00: Populism

A bit late, but I am just back in Spain after 8 weeks of absence, here is the subject of our next discussion: Populism How many times have you read or heard the words populism, populist or one of its variations, during the last week? Probably…

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Matters Arising 10th January 2017: Opinion Polls

If you like a stimulating discussion, if you want to meet interesting people - join Matters Arising! For the first session of 2017, Trevor Kemp will lead the first discussion on 10th January, on the subject of: Opinion Polls Following the…

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Matters Arising 8 Nov 2016: Water: Should it be more expensive?

During our last meeting in October we decided to discuss "Cybersecurity and the Manipulation of Information". However, travel and an ongoing refurbishment have made it impossible for me to prepare adequately for the discussion, therefore I'd like to…

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Matters Arising meets at 14:00 on 11 October to discuss: UK property prices are sky-high. Why?

The next meeting will take place in the Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud (the main street with lots of shops) in Moraira. The room is on the 1st floor, there is a lift. The main door closes automatically, even if we are trying to keep it open…

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Discussion group Matters Arising Tuesday 13 Sept 11:00

The next meeting of the group will be on 13th September at 11:00 at our new location, kindly provided by the Ayuntamiento Teulada-Moraira - address and map below. Make time in your schedule for this event! We will discuss the subject: The…

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Matters Arising 13th September

The next meeting of the group will be on 13th September - timing and venue to be confirmed closer to the date. Make time in your schedule for this event! The subject, selected during our May meeting will be: The first Industrial Revolution:…

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Matters Arising 7th June 11:00 at Café Bonissimo

When: Tuesday 7th June 11:00 Where: Café Bonissimo, cala Andragó, Moraira (see directions below) Have you enjoyed the life of a favourite pet? When she/he grew old and maybe suffering from poor health, did you (out of love) decide to end…

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Matters Arising 10th May – conclusions and presentation

10 people turned up for the 3rd meeting of the group, which allowed the present to express themselves at leisure, while discussing Spanish working hours - pros and cons: Spaniards sit for dinner, while the rest of Europe is ready to go to bed…

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Matters Arising next meeting on 10th May 11:00

Don't miss the next meeting of the Matters Arising discussion group! The subject: Spaniards sit for dinner, while the rest of Europe is ready to go to bed - should they change their working hours and habits? Spain sits astride…

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Matters Arising 12th Apr 11:00: Gender Equality – Change of VENUE and TIME!

Important note Change of VENUE and TIME - it is now 11:00 at Salón de Actos, La Senieta, Moraira 22 members turned up on the 8th of March for the first meeting of the group, to discuss the EU Referendum. We had a wide-ranging discussion,…

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Matters Arising March 8th 14:00: EU Referendum

YES OR NO IN OR OUT Our first Matters Arising will be a lighthearted look ahead at what could be the consequences, to us, of the referendum First meeting - March 8th 2p.m and every 2nd Tuesday of the month thereafter Inside Saxo Discotheque…

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