Minutes meeting 1st Oct 2018

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on

1st October 2018 at Salon G.L., Teulada

at 10:30

It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended the meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2018. 

David Haxon, the President, welcomed everybody to the Meeting especially the 24 new members. He confirmed the usual Security checks had been made, advised the position of the emergency exits and asked for all mobiles to be switched off.

Prue Jackson read out the synopsis of the Minutes of the Meeting on 3rd September 2018. The full Minutes had been posted on the website and these were proposed by Margaret Roberts, seconded by John Hopwood and approved by the members. 

Presidents Address 

David welcomed everybody to the meeting and noted how many are still able to wear shorts due to the climate. Sadly the first thing David had to report, was the sad passing of Geoffrey Shean. A member of the U3A from the beginning, he was a charismatic character and member of the Creative Writing Group as well as Group Leader of the Classical Music Group. He will be sadly missed. David had the pleasure of meeting Geoffrey’s twin brother from Australia, earlier in the year and said kind thoughts go to his many friends and family. David finally said what a wonderful day the Hog Roast, at Font Santa, had been with great food, music and U3A friends. He hoped all would continue to enjoy U3A Moraira-Teulada.


Treasurer – Carin read out her report, which will be on the website. As at 3rd September the amount held was €9.623,63. After € 2.275,00 income and expenditure of € 2.550.43, as at 1st October the amount held is € 9.348,20. The highest expense was the Hog Roast at over € 2.000,00. The majority of the income related to the ticket sales for font Santa and the Christmas Dinner Dance.

Travel – Carol began by thanking her team on the Travel desk, for all their hard work. Carol mentioned several Trips, with full details found on the website. On 14th November, a trip to Valencia, but only 4 places left at € 10 each. 24th November, a trip to Benidorm Palace at € 60 or € 70 each depending on the position of the seats, with only a few places left. 2019, 19th January a trip to Ikea. Overnight trip to Barcelona from 1st to 5th December at a cost of € 285 per person. In May a 25 day/26 night trip to Italy.

Group Coordinator – Lynn said 32 Members had enjoyed an evening with the Spicy Dinning Group. A very popular Group with a total of 86 members. The Dance to get fit Group is doing well, with some of the Committee Members attending. Lynn said in her experience it was helpful to remember the steps and know left from right! The Genealogy Group start back on the 5th October. The Dramarama Group were working hard for the Christmas Pantomime. Two Groups need new Group Leaders, Pétanque Group 4 and sadly due to the death of Geoffrey Shean, the Classical Music Group. The film Group will be showing ‘Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri’. Lynn reminded everyone to take their membership cards as they are needed in order to attend the film night.

Membership/Committee Liaison – Dot advised the Members that if they had any issues or subjects they wished to raise with Committee, to contact her with the details. The mail list service used by the U3A has now changed to Mailchimp and having used the system for her recent Newsletter, it was quicker. The website continues to be updated but feed-back, from the Members, is required as well as the type of things they wished to find. A working group has been formed to update the Internal Regulations, they hope to have them completed by the New Year. A Member had sent an email concerning the possibility of having car stickers or badges, T shirts or calendars showing the U3A logo. After discussion by the Committee, it was decided this would be unsuitable. Dot was pleased to say the Committee are giving thought to paying subscriptions on-line, due to several requests.

Cultural Arts Events – Hugh mentioned many events, starting with, Thursday 4th October – Three Shades of Grey at the Ermita San Josep. Saturday 6th October – The Bourbon Street Stompers at the Auditori Teulada. The Royal Opera House’s Live Cinema Season 2018/19 will showcase 11 productions what will be broadcast live, from Covent Garden to the Casa de la Cultura, Calpe; Cine Roma, Alfaz del Pi and the Conado Theatre, Denia. The first production is the Ballet: Mayerling (MacMillan) on 15th October, followed by an Opera: Die Walkure (Wagner) on 29th October with the final Ballet: Romeo and Juliet (MacMillan) on 11th June 2019. 8th, 9th and 10th November, Careline Theatre presents Dirty Dusting, an hilarious comedy. On 2nd and 3rd November the English Choir Concert “War to end all wars” – 100 years since the end of WW1 at La Senieta, Moraira.

Matters Arising from the Reports There were no matters arising from the Reports.

Any Other Business David mentioned the plaque that was presented to the U3A, when John Hopwood was President, from the Town Hall, Teulada when the Membership reached 2000 members. David suggested the plaque should be placed in the Teulada town hall foyer and if all agreed, he would contact Laura Hillstead to arrange. No objections to this suggestion were made.

Eileen Haxon introduced the speaker, Pedro from the Red Cross, who spoke on the services they provided for the community. Several devices were on display that would help people as they became older and less mobile. After answering several questions from the Members, David presented Pedro with a gift of thanks. The raffle was drawn and the winning ticket number 167 was held by one of the new members Libby Fine who received a € 50 voucher for Pepe La Sal.

The Meeting ended at 11:15

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 1st October 2018

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Secretary of the Meeting…………………………………………..Titch Crossfield