Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 7th May 2018

Meeting minutes

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on

7th May 2018 at Salon G.L., Teulada

at 10:30

It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended this meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2018

David Haxon, the President, welcomed everybody to the meeting especially the 29 new members noting that there were fewer members attending than usual. David confirmed the usual security checks had been made and pointed out the emergency exits in case of evacuation of the building.

Prue Jackson read out the synopsis of the minutes of the meeting on 2nd April 2018. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Janice Wilson, seconded by Peter Griffiths and approved by the members with a show of hands.

Presidents Address

After a quiet period David said all of a sudden several events cropped up. This included an invitation for David and his wife, Eileen, to attend a garden party in Madrid to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan. Unfortunately the British Embassy had to be informed that David and Eileen had to decline the invitation as they were in the UK with family. The Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the U3A Moraira-Teulada at Canor was not far away. A garden party planned at Font Santa on 18th September and tickets on sale at the next General Monthly Meeting in June as well as in July, all details on the website. A quiz night in June with proceeds going to the Charity Make a Smile.


Treasurer – The Deputy Treasure, Steve Higham read out the Financial report as Carin, the Treasurer, was away. The balance as at 2nd April was €17.544,58, taking into account the expenses and income during the month, the amount now held was € 18.703,09. However, El Canor, the venue for the 10thAnniversary, had to be paid for.

Travel – Linda West read out the report for the Travel Group and began by saying Carol, who was away, wished to thank the Members of the Group as well as the helpers on the desk. A day trip to Valdigna on 6th June at a cost of €40 per person. On October 21st, Sunday lunch at Viva Españya €45 per person. On 15th to 19th May a trip to Cordoba and Granada at €400 per person. Although the Cofrentes trip, 22nd to 24th May is full, there is a reserve list. Barcelona 1st to 5th December €285 per person, with a deposit of €60 per person to secure a place. In 2019 a trip to Italy from 6th to 31st May at €2050 per person, although this price is approximate as costs are based on 2018 prices for flights. A deposit of €250 is required. Full details of all the trips available are on display boards and the website.

Group Coordinator – Lynn Clark said two new groups were starting 1) Classical String Music, a Group for like-minded string players at Intermediate level. However, if enough interest of keen beginners then a second group can be started. 2) Spicy (food) Dining, a Group that will meet monthly who enjoy the delights of more exotic foods such as Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Greek, etc. This group is for all Couples and Singles to enjoy some spicy and zesty flavoured international cuisine. Anyone interested, should go to the website, under groups and follow the directions, this should be available from next week. Lynn went on to say the Bridge Club needed more members if anyone was interested, they should Contact the Group Leader all details are on the website under Groups. Finally Lynn said the Drama Group were going to perform at the next General Monthly Meeting in June and hope many members would be there to support them.

Membership/Committee Liaison – Dot had received a query from a Member concerning the last minute cancellation of a recent talk and also a film, at La Senieta, at the same time as a local Fiesta in Teulada. It was not known that this would mean the closure of La Senienta. Dot reminded the members to sign up to the groups required, as this would ensure they would be informed of last minute changes, by e-mail. Lynn Clark will ask for future Fiesta Dates in advance and circulate to the Group Leaders to try to ensure this does not happen again. Dot then asked if any groups were planning any activities for our anniversary year, to please let her know so she can put this in the Newsletter.

Cultural Arts Events –  Prue kindly read the report for Beverly and Hugh as they were unable to attend the meeting. The live transmissions, from the Royal Opera House London continue directly from Covent Garden, to Calpe, Alfa del Pi and Denia. The final production for the season is on 12 June. The final Lions show will be on Sunday 13th May at La Senieta with the ever popular Blues Brothers and Sister Act Tribute Show. In fact so popular they will also be performing in the afternoon, same day, at 4:30.  Full details of all the many events in May and June can be found on the U3A website.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising from the reports.

Any Other Business:   1)   The Secretary of Akira gave details of two events taking place, in aid of the dog Sancturay. Leaflets were available at the meeting. 2)   David advised of the news of a U3A member Pat Pruden, who had sadly passed away, all our thoughts go to her family at this particularly sad time.  3)   David was pleased to introduce Tony Old who had volunteered for the position of Social Events Officer, who would be a great asset to the Committee especially as he was fluent in Spanish. This was proposed by Pat Clarke, seconded by Prue Jackson and unanimously accepted by the members with a show of hands.  4)   David said it was European week, with many events planned. Leaflets were on the table at the door of the meeting room.

Eileen Haxon introduced the speaker, Peter Davies, a US Company Lawyer. Peter gave an interesting and humorous talk which was appreciated by the Members by a round of applause. Eileen presented Peter with a gift of thanks, after which Peter drew the raffle, ticket number 232 held by Geoffrey Sheen who received a €50 voucher for Summer House, in Moraira.

Peter Griffiths spoke regarding MABS who need volunteers to drive Cancer patients to Hospital. They do have many volunteers, but they do need more to cope with demand.

There was no other business so the meeting closed at 11:40

The next meeting will be held on 4th June 2018


Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 7th May 2018



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Secretary of the Meeting Titch Crossfield

Treasurers Report GM 07.05.18