Moraira Teulada U3A Mosaics Group to help local families

It may surprise you to learn that the U3A Mosaics groups, who create excellent mosaics, are also multi talented.

When Meri Snell, the group leader, asked both groups if they would like to make hand crafted items to sell in the Lions Den Christmas Grotto, the answer came back, ’Yes, we will.’

Some wonderful mosaics will be on display in the Lions’ shop from 27 November, including an angel, a dragon fly, a snowman and a set of 4 Christmas coasters. Members of the group also produced jars of marmalade, jam and pomegranate jelly, 2 special patchwork placemats, embroidered tea towels and knitted items for children. How’s that for variety?

This year Meri has made a mosaic depicting the three kings for a prize in the Christmas Prize Draw, and which is now on display in the Lions Den.

The ladies within the groups have given their time and expertise to help the Lions who in their turn help the local community, and have had fun doing so.

If you are interested in joining a mosaic group please contact Meri through the U3A website.

Meri Snell

21 Nov 2015