Mosaics Group – Work in Progress

We are a select group of ‘artists’.  In fact we are two groups, who enjoy creating mosaics, and doing it together.  It takes much longer than painting a picture, but (so far) the end results are fantastic.

We celebrated the New Year when a number of us enjoyed a lunch at the Kathmandu restaurant. The food was good and it was interesting when the two groups met each other. Nic Laws did an excellent job of bringing us all together. We thanked her for that and, as a prize, offered her the first choice of after lunch chocolates!

We’d like to show you some of our ‘works-in-progress’. Our first group started in the summer of 2012, so we have amassed quite a lot of experience, but it is always exciting for me to see the joy when someone has completed their very first mosaic. We hope to show you the actual mosaics when they are completed later on this year.

Meri Snell.

Mosaics Group Leader