New Home Page


New Home Page Layout

Current Home Page – dynamic content, includes a small slider, limited control over posts shown and persistence (i.e. how long they will stay on home page). Some complaints: hard to find things, most active groups hog the front page, no space to highlight activities or notices (e.g. Christmas party, elections, etc) or display permanently information about selected subjects (U3A, How to Join…)

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 18.00.58 .png

New Home Page – fully customisable for position, persistence and quantity of posts/pages displayed.

No difference for editors, as position of posts is conditioned exclusively by the category assigned when creating or editing a post or page.

Lots of space, so that all activities can have their assigned space, while most of the content can be found on the front page, so there is little need to navigate menus. Search boxes at the top and bottom of the page can help retrieve the remaining content.

Note the Search box added at the top right, following Tuesday’s session.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 18.02.14

Until the new home page is launched officially, you can reach it by clicking on About this site in the top menu, then selecting Home Page (New).

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