Photographic Exhibition now open

12-24th May Photo Group show at la Senieta

 08:00 – 17:00

2014-05-12 10.51.09
The exhibition was opened by Regina Mueller the original group leader together with Trevor Kemp the present group leader.  It is an excellent exhibition.
The Photography Group shows the works of its members at the Espai la Senieta in Moraira, in the exhibition room on the first floor. 
The following is an email from Councillor Sylvia Tatnell

Dear Trevor,

I apologise once again for not attending the opening of your exhibition yesterday but unfortunately we had a Council meeting to attend which we must not miss.

I went in the afternoon with my daughter to see the photos. Please can you pass on my congratulations to all who have participated, we were very impressed with the photos and I am telling everyone I see to go to see them. Some of them are really wonderful.

Congratulations to you all.



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