Room calle Dr. Calatayud, Moraira

As some of you may know, we have been trying to obtain a place for some of our meetings, considering that lack of suitable meeting locations is the main obstacle to creating new groups and a major headache for group leaders.

After several months of discussion, the Teulada-Moraira ayuntamiento have kindly offered us the use of their room in calle Calatayud 45.

The room is suitable for meetings of up to 30-40 people, with 17 chairs + 3 folding chairs available at the moment. More chairs can be added if required and if requested in advance.

There is now an Internet connection, thanks to a U3A sponsored access point, which makes it suitable for groups like Smartphones and Tablets, Computers, Photography, Matters Arising, etc.

Some U3A equipment and the modem are stored in a low plastic cupboard on the left wall when facing the windows.

The room is located on the first floor, there is a very small lift, which makes the room accessible for people who would have trouble climbing the steps, but would be a struggle with a wheelchair.

The room is normally locked and the group leader or a deputy has to pick up the keys from the concierge of La Senieta.

Very important – after use, the room has to be left clean, air conditioning turned off, windows closed. U3A equipment must be stored in the cupboard and locked – all ready for use by the next group.

The group leader will be responsible for making sure that everything is tidy, locked up and that the key is returned to the concierge at la Senieta.


If, for any reason, the group does not intend to use the room on one or more of the dates booked, the facility has to be cancelled in advance, under penalty of cancellation of further bookings by the ayuntamiento – they take a dim view of unused facilities and consider it a sign of disrespect for the effort they make on our behalf – at no charge to us.

The photographs below give an idea of the kind of the facilities available and the amount of space.

Summary of facilities:

  • 1st floor, lift available
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Windows protected by blinds
  • Wifi available – through a U3A owned access point
  • 20 chairs, more can be made available on request
  • Sound facilities not available
  • Keys held by la Senieta concierge – leaders will be responsible for picking up and returning them after the meeting
  • Each group will set up the room according to its needs and leave it tidy and ready for use by the next group
  • All U3A equipment should be stored in the plastic cupboard and locked
  • Please respect strictly the cancellation policy,or we may have to face cancellations of our bookings

The following groups are using the Aula de Asociaciones:

  • All Computers
  • Matters Arising
  • Genealogy
  • Creative Writing

For new requests

Piotr Azia deals with facilities requests at la Senieta and the room of calle Calatayud. Contact him indicating:

  • Name of the group
  • Group leader(s) with contact information
  • Time and frequency of meetings (please allow a certain flexibility, as we may have to fit you into an available time slot)
  • Facilities required
  • Number of people expected
  • Any other useful information about the group and its activity (if not already shown already on the group’s page on this site, of course)
  • Requests, even after confirmation, may have to altered or cancelled – the ayuntamiento reserves the right to pre-empt our requests for its own use
  • Please state the pattern of your request(s)
    • Weekly or monthly (e.g. every week, 1st and 3rd week of the month, but NOT “every other week” or “every third week”, as this clashes with with the other meeting patterns, several times a year, making that time slot unusable for other groups
  • Preferred time(s)

We will place a request with the ayuntamiento on your behalf, but please take into account that it’s quite a complex bureaucratic process, which may take several weeks.

Make or modify a request:
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Other groups using the Salón de Actos at la Senieta (Drama, Art and History, Film and Classic Movies) will not be affected by this new facility.

List of current bookings using the Salón de Actos of la Senieta and the Aula de Asociaciones: