Teulada-Moraira area plagued by tiger mosquitoes

According to Teulada-Moraira digital.es, our area is suffering from a mosquito plague at the moment. They blame tiger mosquitoes in particular, for leaving large, itchy bites on our bodies. Judging from the picture published by the web site, the person portrayed must have been particularly careless last night…

Link to the story (in Spanish): http://teuladamorairadigital.es/not/4963/teulada-moraira-sufre-una-plaga-de-mosquitos/

The site provides some common sense advice on how to avoid painful bites:

  1. Windows have to stay shut during the night or, failing that, use mosquito nets
  2. Use insect repellent to avoid bites
  3. Use of citronella candles is advisable for large rooms and open air locations

Below is a picture of our unwelcome visitor, from Wikipedia – have you seen any?

Aedes albopictus or tiger mosquito – Wikipedia

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