Thursday, 31 May – The Arts Society Marina Alta – 100 Years of Modern Art

The Arts Society Marina Alta next meeting Thursday May 31st. Salones Canor Teulada.
The Arts Society is pleased to confirm that the final presentation before the summer break will be at Salones Canor on the 31st May, and that our annual Arts Fair will be at the same venue on 26th. September.

The Arts Society Marina Alta: 100 years of modern Art


Linda was employed by the Historic Royal Palaces for more than twenty years before becoming an independent lecturer and lecture organiser.
Ms Collins holds a BA(hons) in Early Italian art, and an MA in the works of Georges de la Tour. She is a curator of the paintings in the Royal Collection particularly in the New Cumberland Art Gallery at Hampton Court Palace. She works as a freelance lecturer at the National Gallery, the National Portrait Gallery and Tate Modern she also has a special interest in Paris and French Art in all its highs and lows of Society
100 years of Modern Art – with scepticism and lots of humour!
marcel duchamp BanksyLobster Telephone 1936 by Salvador Dalí 1904-1989 Shark-150×150.jpg.jpeg

The opening of Tate Modern in 2000 took London by storm. Thousand more visitors than expected piled into the building. Modern Art in the capital became more fashionable overnight.

But for many visitors, looking at Rodin’s ‘Kiss’ for example, they found it difficult to see today why it was modern. Ditto for Monet’s ‘Waterlilies’. But we are looking at these pieces with a hundred years separating us and them. In that time, both these works have been accepted into the mainstream and cease to shock us any more. We see them on mugs, umbrellas and fridge magnets – they have lost their ability to shock us.

We can see perhaps why the Fauves created such a stir by their use of completely unnatural colours instead of shading, but the ‘Kiss’ just looks tame these days – beautiful, but tame. In its day, however, to see a natural and unidealised body portrayed – a real person in other words – was quite shocking. Marble was more generally associated then with tombs or classical statues than with real, live bodies. Rodin has taken the Dante story of Lancelot and Guinevere and turned it into a sculpture. The fact that these two were brother and sister-in-law would probably have added to the scandal. Notice, too, that it is Guinevere who has Lancelot in an embrace rather than vice versa and it doesn’t look like she wants to let him go anytime soon. But we are made of sterner stuff these days and it takes a lot more to shock us. A dead cow perhaps – or an unmade bed?

The Kiss 1901-4 by Auguste Rodin 1840-1917

It is fascinating to look at works of 20th century art and set them within their own time. For example, Brigit Riley’s Op art stripes were just perfect for their time in the 1960s. No need for experimenting with drugs – just stand in front of a Riley painting for a while, stare at the centre until it moves and voilà. Or perhaps many people did both at once….

Late Morning 1967-8 by Bridget Riley born 1931

Coffee is available prior to the presentation, and a glass of wine or soft drink afterwards for a socialising period.

Sponsors: Blevins Franks.

Venue: Salones Canor, Teulada
Doors open: 10:00am. You must be seated by 10:55am. for a prompt start at: 11am

Visitors are welcome for a payment of €12 per presentation.
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