U3A Vall del Pop talk: Mystery of the Sphinx 11:00 3rd Sept (amended timing)

Giza, Egypt --- Great Sphinx --- Image by © Paul Hardy/CORBIS


A one-hour talk by Robert Bauval at U3A Vall Del Pop,


International bestselling author Robert Bauval is coming to the Costa Blanca to give a talk on the Great Sphinx, guardian of the Giza pyramids. Robert will be unlocking the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic statue of a recumbent lion with human face – the largest statue ever carved by humankind.

  • Who conceived this amazing monument? When? How? Why?

  • Is it just the ‘guardian of the Giza Pyramids’ or something else?

  • Why is it gazing towards cardinal east?

  • Is there a secret chamber underneath the Sphinx as many have claimed?

Robert was born in Alexandria, Egypt, in 1948, his parents being part of the cosmopolitan community of Egypt before the 1952 Egyptian Revolution. His ancestral lineage goes back to Cairo in 1785 but originated in Syria and Belgium. He left Egypt during the 1967 Six-Day War and settled in England. He now lives on the Costa del Sol, near Malaga.

In 1994 he published his first book, The Orion Mystery (with Adrian Gilbert), which was a number one bestseller in the UK and was translated into more than twenty-five languages. Since then he has published ten further books on the mysteries of the ancient world. He has appeared regularly on international television channels to present his research or comment on the theories of others in the ancient mysteries field. Robert is a specialist in ancient astronomy, especially in respect of the Giza necropolis.

His lecture on the conundrum of the Giza Sphinx is being hosted by U3A Vall del Pop on Monday 3rd September, starting at 11:00. (doors open at 10:00, coffee and cava at 12:30) – note amended timings.

At the Murla Polivalent in the Jalon Valley

There is new underground parking, local side streets and Murla car parks available.

Updated directions will be on the Vall del Pop website soon. (www.u3avalldelpop.com )

Entrance to the event is only €3 and there will be a Q & A session following the lecture.

All are welcome to attend this special event,

but please contact Lorraine Bellami-Barker (U3A Vice President)

at vp.u3aspain@gmail.com

to register your interest BY 10TH AUGUST PLEASE

as we are anticipating a full house!

A membership table will be set up after the talk for any new members who wish to join.