Vovinam – Vietnamese Defence and Gymnastics

Vovinam : Vietnamese Tai Chi

Group leader : Patricia Klein

Frequency : Thursday from 11 :00 to 12 :00

¡Your first class is free! ¡Join us and try!

Venue: We now practise outdoors in a delightful place, the public garden next to the sea on the coastal road from Moraira to El Portet. There is a small car park on the right (on the way to El Portet) and downstairs , there is a large public garden, if you go further on there is a little place up the stairs just in front of the sea.

Cost: Participation of 5€ per 1 hour class

Vietnamese Tai Chi for Seniors

Traditional gymnastics based on the Vietnamese martial art Vovinam. The class will allow you to tone up your muscles, improve your balance, flexibility, coordination, memory but also your physical and mental well-being with varied and adapted exercises.

What is Vovinam?

Vovinam is the traditional Vietnamese martial art that can be practised at any age. It has developed all around the world. Even if it is not very well-known in Spain for the moment, there is a national Spanish Federation and European and World championships. There are two parts in Vovinam, one is about technical and fighting competitions for teenagers and young adults.

But concerning our group, I teach the traditional part of Vovinam, that is practised among seniors in Vietnam and that deals with breathing exercises, slow sequences of movements with bare hands or with a fan for example.

What is its aim?

The aim of this group is to softly begin or start again a physical activity adapted to seniors to acquire a better physical and moral well-being in the friendly, motivating and quiet atmosphere of the traditional Vietnamese martial art. The goal is harmony between the positive and the negative as you can see in the official logo, the “am” and “duong” (the Vietnamese words for yin and yang) are circled by a white line that symbolizes the harmony and the way of Vovinam.

What kind of exercises are there?

Varied exercises that enable to improve balance, articular flexibility, muscular tonus, breathing, coordination and memory.

Samples of the techniques used: basic positions and ways of moving (the crane, the unicorn, the snake…), techniques of hands, breathing exercises, manipulation of the fan, stick and sword, relaxation…

Who is the coach?

My name is Patricia. I am a black belt 5th dan of the Official French Federation of Karate and associated disciplines and I have a Master’s diploma from the French Ministry of Sports to teach (BEES2 and DESJEPS). I have taught Vovinam for 30 years in associations and travelled around the world to practise and teach it. I would enjoy sharing my passion with you.

What should the participants wear?

Sportswear with sports shoes.

What is the schedule?

There will be one session of one hour a week.

You are warmly invited to join us and try the first class for free!

Information and contact (English, Spanish or French) : patriciaklein31@gmail.com


Video on vovinam:

Contact the group leader by email: patricia.klein@u3amoraira-teulada.org


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