Walking Football

Group Leaders: Chris Dry
Frequency: Thursdays meet at 10:00, to play at 10:30
Venue: La Senieta, sports area Moraira.

Walking football 2Remember the days before dodgy knees and wonky hips ? Remember the days when you still had ambitions to play for England and be part of the ’66 World Cup squad? Well, it might not be too late!

Walking football has taken off in the U.K. and rekindled  a sport we lost, many, many, years ago. If you’re keen to have a go, you can join the group and be part of the craze that is sweeping the UK.

A few rules:

  • Walking only, no running
  • Non contact
  • No tackles with force
  • No trips, pushes, jumps, holds, slides, obstruction
  • Indirect free kicks awarded
  • Mixed sex
  • Adapt rules to playing area
  • Enclosed pitch – rebounds allowed
  • Keeper only in the area
  • Back passes allowed
  • Keeper stays in the area (unless agreed beforehand)
  • Players not allowed in the area

Walking football 1

Send a message to the group leader by using the contact form below:

Contact the Group Leaders: walking.football@u3amoraira-teulada.org
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Walking Football entertains guests from Los Montesinos 28th Jan 2016

U3A Moraira-Teulada Walking Football Group field their secret weapon, a ladies team when they meet an away team from Los Montesinos In less than 12 months, the U3A Moraira-Teulada Walking Football group has grown from a few players struggling to…

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Walking Football – Final Games

The final games of the season for the Moraira U3A walking football group took place on Thursday the 30th at the local five a side pitches in Moraira.The games are run by Chris Dry and coached and trained by John Freeman. All U3A members are welcome…

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Press release: Moraira Teulada U3A, Walking Football

New kids on the pitch, well not really kids just 55 years old plus, members of Moraira Teulada U3A’s new “Walking Football” group at their second session on Thursday morning on the Astro turf pitch in Moraira situated between Espai La Senieta…

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Moraira-Teulada Walking Football Team win another Tournament!

Moraira-Teulada Walking Football group continued their impressive Tournament record at the La Nucia Stadium, Benidorm, on Wednesday 10th October when they won the Sockatyes trophy. Following a slow start in the early stages of the twenty-game…

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