Water cuts: communiqué from the Water Consortium Teulada-Benitatxell

Water Consortium TEULADA – BENITATXELL (translation – see note below)

The long period of drought and the heat wave are encouraging a higher than usual water consumption. At the same time, the municipal water company of Jávea (Amjasa) has stopped supplying water from its desalination plant. Amjasa’s regular contribution is indispensable for our system, making the currently available resources insufficient for a full supply. The Water Consortium Teulada-Benitachell has been working to obtain additional supplies and improve the water flow. While this situation persists, service may be cut in specific areas.
We recommend a moderate and rational use of water, only and exclusively for domestic purposes, taking into account that certain parameters may exceed the limits laid down in RD 140/2003.

The Water Consortium Teulada-Benitachell regrets this situation and assures you we are making considerable efforts to restore the quality and continuity of water supply.

Teulada, 9th July 2015


Notice on water cuts 11-13 July


Sites with information on upcoming water cuts:


Please note: English translation by Piotr Azia – the official text in Spanish is available here

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