Yoga – now CEASED

Uniting and balancing mind, body and spirit

Yoga Group leader

Frequency: Tuesday and Friday morning from 10:00 to 13:00

Contribution: 4 euros per class

Venue: Benissa Costa

Mats, cushions and blankets available

Hatha yoga practice co-ordinates movement with breath and with postures performed in a soft and flowing style. The exercises are designed to improve strength and flexibility and are especially beneficial in helping to mobilise the spine and alleviate back pain.

Each class finishes with relaxation. It’s during this time that the benefits of the movements can settle within the body allowing it to rebalance. Afterwards you’ll feel refreshed and revitalised.

Yoga is suitable for all ages and capabilities. All you need to practise is a body and an open mind!

Let’s enjoy yoga together!




Yoga can be fun!
Yoga can be fun!


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