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Welcome to issue number 107 of the Newsletter May 2018

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Copy date for June 2018 Newsletter:
Friday 25th May 2018

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Next U3A General Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held on
Monday 7th May 2018

At the Salons G.L. Avenida del Mediterraneo 32. Teulada. at 10.30 am.

Doors open to members at 9.30 am

The Speaker for May meeting is :

Peter Davies
Peter Davies comes from Bootle on Merseyside and began his working life as a teacher.He qualified as a Barrister and acted as legal adviser to publishers William Collins Ltd.He then moved to America working for technology companies.The title of his talk is "Bill Gates, Steve Job and me".The talk will include humorous anecdotes concerning real life situations in the courtroom.


Presidents Message

By David Haxon

I cannot believe that one month has passed since my first message to you all.
Just when we thought that the long awaited Spring weather had finally arrived, more rain and wind descended upon us. Let`s hope that the very inclement weather is finally behind us and we can all look forward to some nice long warm evenings.
At last month`s General Meeting we had an extremely heart rendering talk from Tony Grande from “Make a Smile Charity“.
As a result of Tony`s talk, the social committee have organised a Quiz Evening on 20th June, the proceeds from which will go to the above charity. Please support this evening as it is for a very worthwhile cause. The details for this evening will appear in this Newsletter and tickets will be on sale at the May and June General Meetings.
Despite my plea for a volunteer to fill the vacant position of social events organiser, the post still remains vacant. The committee will give it's full support and assistance to anyone willing to undertake this role. If this position remains unfilled then we are in danger of losing our social events programme. Please give this some serious consideration.
Looking forward to seeing you all again at our next General Meeting on 7th May.


Your Letters

By Newsletter Editor

Please send your views and observations by the copy date as shown above.

A plea from MABS.
With more and more cancer suffers needing specialist treatment over many weeks in university hospitals as far away as Valencia more volunteer drivers are required for these vital life changing appointments.
Compensation for all costs are paid.
If you can help please contact John Price, the drivers' co-ordinator, on
Or at any U3A Moraira - Teulada General Meeting please speak to Peter Griffiths who is on the door His email is : petergriffiths180@gmail.com. or Pauline Griffiths on paulinegriffiths180@gmail.com

To: Newsletter Editor
Subject: History Talk Monday 9th April 2018

I arrived for the talk this morning at the correct time, having cancelled another important appointment, only to find there was no talk taking place.
Why was this cancelled and more importantly why was I not informed?
I was not the only inconvenienced member today.
When does it now take place?
Barry Jackson.

Members - Committee Liaison

By Dot Garrett

This month we celebrate 10 years since the beginnings of your U3A Moraira Teulada.
There have been many changes and we have grown considerably in membership, currently standing at over 2,000!!
On the 30th May we will Celebrate with a very special Dinner & Dance organised by your Social Committee. There are other plans for the rest of the year but without an organizer for the Social Committee it will be very difficult to continue with these occasions in the future.
David Haxon has appealed in his Presidents message this month for a new leader and I would like to second that through the Members - Committee liaison. Support in the form of a mentor will be offered to anyone willing to take on this very important role.

If any groups are celebrating our 10 year Anniversary in any way please let me know to share the news to all our members.
The Creative Writing Group are working on publishing a book of short stories and poems and hopefully will be ready for purchase for all your Christmas presents by November. All proceeds will go to charity.
There is a poem in this edition of the newsletter written by a member for the occasion.

I received a query from one of our members this month regarding the scheduled History Talk and Film that were due to take place on what turned out to be a local fiesta day in Teulada and resulted in La Senieta being closed and the events having to be rescheduled.
The member, amongst others, had arrived for the History talk and was disappointed that there was no notice or information regarding the cancellation.
The committee would like to remind members to sign on to the groups they are interested in attending through the links on the U3A website. This will ensure they receive any up to date information regarding future talks / films and also any changes to the programmes.
Lynn Clark will, in her role as Groups Coordinator, request from the town hall a list of bank holiday / fiesta dates for the year and advise group leaders of any that may affect them.
Alhambra, Granada

History Talk 30th April: History of Spain Part 2

The Moors in Spain

Date: Monday 30th April 2018 10:30 (note new date)
Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)
Subject: History of Spain Part 2; ‘The Moors in Spain’
Lecturer: Angela Chantry

The word “Moors” derives from the Latin “mauri”, a name for the Berber tribes living in Roman Mauretania. It has no ethnographic meaning but can be used to refer to all Muslims, Berber or Arab, who conquered the Iberian Peninsula. These Moors arrived in Spain in the year 711 and thus began a period of history which would shape Iberia differently than the rest of Europe, as the land adapted to a new religion, language and culture. The last Moorish king, commonly known as Boabdil, finally surrendered to Isabel and Ferdinand, Los Reyes Católicos, in 1492, but as will be shown, the Moors left behind an amazing architectural legacy.

History Talk 14th May 2018: History of Spain Part 3

The 16th to the 18th Centuries

Date: Monday 14th May 2018 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: History of Spain Part 3; The 16th to the 18th Centuries

Lecturer: Peter Atkinson

This lecture will begin with the same principal players who concluded Part 2:
Isabella I of Castilla and Fernando II of Aragón. As well as completing the
Christian Reconquest of Spain, they set in motion two threads which were to run
through the tapestry of the following three centuries: the Inquisition and the
rise and decline of the Spanish Empire.
In addition to exploring these themes, key individuals on whom the spotlight will
fall include two Felipes: Felipe II who built the Escorial from which to micro-
manage the empire and send his ill-fated armada north to rid England of
Protestantism; and Felipe V, a French prince whose accession to the Spanish
crown initiated the War of the Spanish Succession.
Art_Forbes Stanhope - Gala Day at Newlyn 1907

Art Talk 28th May: The Newlyn School

Date: 28th May 2018 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: The Newlyn School

Lecturer: Cheda Panajotovic

In 1830 some French ‘Romantic Painters’, hungry for ‘realism’ moved south of Paris to the village of Barbizon. The most prominent features of the Barbizon group are their tonal qualities, colour, loose brushwork, and softness of form. Their choice of painting ‘The Ordinary’ was seen as shocking.

When the Great Western Railway extended to Penzance in West Cornwall in 1877, the Cornish fishing town of Newlyn began to attract artists, drawn by the beauty of the scenery, quality of light, simplicity of life and drama of the sea. The artists settling in Newlyn in the early 1880s became known as the Newlyn School. Newlyn painting combined the impressionist derived doctrine of the Barbizon by working directly from the subject, and where appropriate in the open air, with subject matter drawn from rural life, particularly the life of the fishermen.

The Newlyn painters are hardly mentioned by the Art Buffs of today. There is not one book in print today that encompasses these brave artists although they have produced some of the best paintings that British art has produced - ever!

Film Group – Monday 14th May – Lady Macbeth

When: Monday 14th May, doors open 17;45, film commences 18:00 (ends 19:45)

Where: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

What: Lady Macbeth

Free entrance with your U3A membership card

In the austere rural England of 1865, the innocent 17-year-old teenage bride, Katherine, is sold by her father and forced into marriage with a colliery heir, Alexander Lester, who is twice her age. Inevitably under such circumstances, the young wife who is imprisoned in a joyless and loveless marriage soon finds a ray of light in the darkness of her boredom in the person of Sebastian, the estate's unrefined stable groom, with whom she will start an ill-advised and progressively reckless romance. But the walls have ears, and who knows what one is capable of doing in the name of freedom?

Film Group – Monday 28th May – The Soloist

When: Monday 28th May, doors open 17;45, film commences 18:00 (ends 19:45)

Where: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

What: The Soloist

Free entrance with your U3A membership card

In 2005, the only thing hurting Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez more than his face from a recent bike accident was his pressing need for story ideas. That is when he discovers Nathaniel Ayers, a mentally ill, homeless street musician who possesses extraordinary talent, even through his half-broken instruments. Inspired by his story, Lopez writes an acclaimed series of articles about Ayers and attempts to do more to help both him and the rest of the underclass of LA have a better life. However, Lopez's good intentions run headlong into the harsh realities of the strength of Ayers' personal demons and the larger social injustices facing the homeless. Regardless, Lopez and Ayers must find a way to conquer their deepest anxieties and frustrations to hope for a brighter future for both of them.

make a smile


Moraira - Teulada U3A





Time : 6.45 FOR 7.00 P.M.

Price : Includes sit down Buffett - 15 EUROS ( drinks not included )

Teams of 6 people : make a group or join others to make a team on the night !!


Matters Arising May Fri 11 May: Is free speech an absolute right?

When: Friday May 11 10:30
Where: Aula de Asociaciones, calle Calatayud 45 1st floor
Subject: Is free speech an absolute right?
Discussion Leader: Geoff Corre

Please join us on 11 May for what promises to be an interesting and thought provoking meeting.

Is free speech an absolute right?

Do religious and other groups have the right not to be offended?

Why have some speakers been banned from speaking at Universities?

Is free speech restricted by identity politics?

Where do we draw the line between free speech and hate speech?

Join us on May 11 and exercise your right to freedom of speech.

Read about free speech in the Economist: https://www.economist.com/blogs/openfuture/2018/04/open-ideas

Email the group leaders: matters.arising@u3amoraira-teulada.org

U3A Golf Society Report

By Robin Woods
U3A Golf President Teulada Moraira

Herewith the report of our game on the 27th March:

On the 27th March U3a Golf Moraira-Teulada played one of their regular games at the new course Puig Campana, Finestrat. This course has been open for less than a year and at present is only 9-holes of exacting golf, particularly from the yellow tees. The Club House is under construction and should be fully operational by September of this year. The other 9 holes are due to be completed some time in 2019 but it would be wise to keep an eye on the local press. There is a limited appeal at present because the second nine is a carbon copy of the first. Driving on the par 4/5s is challenging with many areas of out of bounds on both sides of the narrow fairways. On this occasion there were 19 players who made the short trip from Moraira (about 40 minutes). The format was an Individual Stableford.

At first the weather was a little cold but within no time the sun came and most players stripped down to their golf shirts. Some had even arrived in their shorts for the first time this season!

The scores generally reflected the difficulty of the course but some managed reasonable scores:

1st with a score of 33 points – Chris Witton
2nd with a score of 30 points – Harvey Bourne
3rd with a score of 28 points – Cornelius van Breda

Nearest the Pins were Stuart Taylor and Keith Yeulett,

Lesley Hill won the prize for the ladies with a score of 27 points (well done again Lesley)..

Congratulation to all the winners.

Our next game is at the wonderful coastal course of El Saler, south of Valencia, on the 10th April, The format will be a Stableford Team competition. At this time the places are all taken but as with most games it’s worth adding one’s name to the reserve list.

To play for the society you first need to be a member of the U3A Moraira/Teulada which meets on the first Monday of every month at the Salóns G.L, Avenida del Mediterráneo 32, Teulada at 10:30 a.m., except July and August. All new members welcome whatever your standard of golf.
Healthy walking group

Healthy Walking Group Report for March/April 2018

By Noelene Cummins

6th/8th March - Granadella park view point.

There was a slight mishap on the 6th when those in charge of the walk parked in the wrong area on the Cumbre, but were eventually rescued by other members of the walking group! On this Tuesday 42 walkers braved the cold and windy weather but were rewarded with the fantastic views on both sides of the walking track.

A decision was made at 0900Hrs to cancel the walk on the Thursday the 8th due to moderate rain and mist on the Cumbre. Although too late the weather did improve by 10.00Hrs

Walk leaders were unaware that pre-bookings were required at the Montevideo restaurant , so those requiring refreshments made their way to El Paso.

13th March – Benitachell – Les Fonts country paths and camis.

Heather & Sandie

15th March – Benitachell- Les Fonts to Teulada quarry.

Heather & Dave G

This challenge was taken on by 22 walkers and successfully carried out in 1Hr 30 mins, not bad for a group of mainly pensioners. The weather was rather dull and cloudy but ideal for hill walking, not too hot. By the time we had reached the quarry the skies had improved and the views were spectacular.

Having completed the task, refreshments were required and the majority of the walking group travelled to Benitachell and the café behind the church.

20th/22th March- Teulada – Font Santa, Borda and Sisca.

The walk on the Tuesday was well attended by a total of 35 walkers who turned up on this cold and windy morning. Although the weather was not too great, the blue skies allowed us to take in the views. As usual a break at the painter’s house created an increase in conversation.

On the 22nd the weather was still very cold but the wind had dropped considerable from that which we had experienced on the Tuesday. The walk on this day was carried out in the reverse direction by 26 of the walking group members. Once again a few minutes were allocated for a visit to the artists house and his collection.

On these two walks the Pan Pan restaurant was used by those needing a shot of coffee, water, beer,wine etc.

27th/29th March – Javea – Tarraula – between the river and Tossal Gros.

Dave R & Betty

The weather was very good and enjoyed by all of the 30 members who arrived on the 27th at Rafalet , the starting point for the two walks planned for this week. A decision was made to remove all the options on this walk allowing the group to stay together under one leadership. It was reassuring to see the group members helping each other down the two difficult slopes/gullies.

Once again the weather was really good and the 21 walkers seem to enjoy their activity on the Thursday. It was again reassuring to see the group members helping each other down the two difficult slopes/gullies.

The walking group concluded their two mornings with a visit to El Paso for refreshments.

3rd/5th April – Teulada – Font Santa and Sisca CW

Dave and Betty R

10th/12th April – Javea – La Plana roads, paths and windmills.

Dave & Betty R

Another good walking day, sunny but not too much heat. A total of 23 took to the roads and pathways of the La Plana area on this very pleasantTuesday morning. The blue skies allowed us to take in the wonderful views of Javea and the surrounding countryside, especially from a position adjacent to the windmills.

Refreshments were arranged and consumed at the Amanecer adjacent to the car parking area and the start/finish of the walk.

Although the weather was a little overcast on this Thursday, the 15 walkers still managed to view the landscape from the windmills.

With the Amanecer restaurant being closed on Thursday, the group made their way to the El Paso.

17th/19th April – Cumbre – Granadella Park


On the Tuesday the weather once again allowed the group to walk in comfort. A total of 21 walkers headed out towards the edge of the park and the last viewing point. At this junction half the group returned on the same path and the other half returned on a more difficult route. Cloudless skies made for continuous viewing throughout the duration of both walks. We had two new members join the walk and they were very complimentary at the finish.

Thursday was slightly overcast but did not affect the views. Coincidently the same number as Tuesday arrived and a similar split took place at the last viewing point.

The Montevideo restaurant was pre-booked for both days and the estimated numbers worked out to correct for each day.

Sandie.24th April Teulada – Font de L’Horta and Camis – Back through Teulada Old Town

A total of 15 members and 2 dogs turned up for this Tuesday morning walk. The weather was ideal for walking, but the views towards Moraira were restricted due to low cloud. Admired by all were the many different wild flowers bordering the path towards the Font. The return journey down through the Teulada old town saw an interesting old church and number of different architectures. Refreshments were at the bar Mediterraneo on the Av de Mediterraneo on the way back to the car park.

26th April. The above walk with Brian & Noelene

28 turned out for this walk on a cool day which threatened a shower but ended with warm sun. This is one of the most interesting walks with something for everyone.

The group leaders would like to extend a huge thank you to those members who continue to volunteer their services during the walks.

10 year poem

A Poem For Our U3A 10th Anniversary

By Phil Panter

Little women’s march towards the third age

When it’s time for the hunter-gatherers

To lay down their spears

The loss of traditional role, of purpose,

May be replaced by fears

For the ladies, the third age can feel

More like the end of term

Released to be girls again

Lunch, lounge and learn

For each gender (and those between)

The U3A is a chance to use

For all non-retiring retirees

There’s nothing to lose

It was in Toulouse, 35 years ago

Where the French gave birth

To a third age ideal that rekindled interests

Restored people’s worth

Congratulations to our French friends

With their penchant for pension

But as we look to celebrate our own 10th year,

Two local heroines deserve a mention

Pam Kershaw was like a little French general

She was a person apart

A creator of our ‘ex-pat’ community

Certainly no Bonaparte...

She was not alone in dealing with the issues

The administrative shrapnel

Thanks to the commanding presence, the counsel,

Of Councillor Sylvia Tatnell

They were a diminutive double act

That could to see eye to eye

When others, they doubted,

They simply said: ‘Why?’

In 2008 more than 200 folk amassed

At La Senieta to join the ranks

U3A forces from both Calpe and Javea

They gave support from the flanks

Today we’re a brigade of 1800

With no European divide

Armed with a range of talents

Experiences equally wide

Louisa May Alcott wrote of the March sisters

Their romances, their quest

Our little women’s march was no fiction

Time has been their test...

Congratulations, U3A...

Thank you Pam and Sylvia




"Vive" Gastronomic Fair in Moraira

From 28 April to 1 May, the ninth edition of the gastronomic and commercial fair "Vive" is celebrated on the esplanade of the castle of Moraira.

Many local restaurants and shops will have tents selling food & drink and more.

There is a stage with various acts performing over the four days.


Date for your diaries!

Don’t forget, CONTRABAND will be at SAXO on Thursday 3rd May, so come along for 2 hours of great entertainment from 18.00 till 20.00

Supporting local charities.
Akira Quiz Night 2018-05-03
MABS 7A_Race for life_Carrera por la vida
Blues Bros

Lions Concert - The Blues Brothers & Sister Act Tribute

The TM Lions present The Blues Brothers and Sister Act tribute show.

Sunday 13th May, Matinee Show at 4:30pm.

15 euros. Bar & Raffle.

We still have plenty of tickets left for this show, although the evening show is already sold out. For tickets please call 96 649 9954 or Email: peter_john1@hotmail.com

"It's not just a show but a Party"

Akira May Fair poster
Akira fashion show june 2018
Moraira Music Festival Poster 2018


To Start the Moors & Christians Festival 2018

On Sunday 10th June, the 14th Moraira International Music Festival will take place on the open air stage, by the castle, starting at 6 pm.

Sponsored by:

Taller – Larry of Benitachell

Chameleon Auto Bodies

Fog Off – Mosquito Control

Hamiltons, Estate Agents

Justin, Unisex Hair and Beauty Salon, Moraira

SR Print - Pedreguer

Pure Gold 94.1 & 94.3 FM Radio Station

NAKED KEYS (6.00 pm)

This is a Voice and Piano duo consisting of (Niamh O’Sheehan) and (Christian Pearl). Pure acoustic – ready and raw featuring songs from Katie Melau, Nina Simone, Leonard Cohen and many more. An eclectic mix.


Job and Jolande from Match, Stella from Jazzify, are joined by Tony Bloom to bring you a Tribute to ABBA, featuring all your favourite ABBA songs.


"After Midnight" has been going strong for over 23 years, whose leader, vocalist Paul McKie perfectly combines the musical creativity of the band with his own friendly, confident vocal style and captivating bi-lingual stage performance.


With its unsurpassed versatility, the Duo Intermezzo is able to interpret a variety of styles, characterized by the predominance of an exquisite fusion between opera and pop, opera fusion, Latin jazz, in a beautiful performance.


Paisley Park are a very formidable Rock/Blues Band that consists of Andy and Debi Price of “The View” - together with Enrico (drums) and Christian (Keyboards), plus guest singer Janette Galbraith.


After their “storming” performance last year, The Blues Brothers Experience return with their unique interpretation based on the great movie of the 80s. Probably the most energetic show you will see this year.


SWAG – featuring Xanda Laguna are the Costa Blanca’s finest Soul, Funk, Disco Band. Awesome energy, amazing performance, great Party Band.