This is the site of U3A Moraira-Teulada. It contains information about the organisation, meetings and reports, group activities, travel events and other activities of the U3A and its members.

We also have a page on Facebook. Please check it out and leave your feedback – on Facebook, of course.

Following requests by members to have a space to advertise items they wish to sell, buy, lend, borrow or just ask questions, we have set up a Facebook group: U3A Moraira-Teulada Members. If interested, please visit and request to join the group – or click here for further information.

The website has been entirely redesigned and it now makes it easier to access information providing, we hope, an improved user experience.

From the outset, the first requirement was that the site be easy to maintain, taking into account the fact that we cannot have a full time, professional web administrator. After fulfilling this first, essential requirement, I focused on the user experience: the site should have a pleasant design and be easy to navigate.

Editors and authors are now in charge of the content, the web administrator being one of several contributors, besides providing support and tuition – under the overall authority of the President and the Committee.

For the technically minded, this site has been built using WordPress, an open source CMS (Content Management System) and customised with a number of themes, widgets and plugins. One of its main advantages is the fact that we can add pages and services as required, without major redesign or excessive overhead.

For those nostalgic of the old site, it will still available online, for a while, but it is not longer maintained and information will become outdated very quickly.

Your feedback about the site, suggestions and (we hope few) bug reports are welcome: please contact the web administrators Piotr Azia & Peter Bayliss on
Problems using this email link?


PS: Wherever you may be in the site, you can get back to the main (home) page by clicking on the picture displayed at the top!


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Your U3A website is evolving

Our redesigned website is nearly one year old - and it's evolving, to avoid getting stale. We've been busy redesigning and adding some new features, to respond to our users' requests and feedback. 1. The Groups page Has been redesigned to…

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Welcome to YOUR new U3A Moraira-Teulada site!

I am happy to welcome you to YOUR new site - it's designed by a U3A member for other members, with the purpose of providing the visitor with as much information about our U3A as you wish to find, while making it a pleasant experience. The site…

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Social Networks – a basic introduction

Following requests from members, here is an introduction to Social Networks* for newbies. I hope that you enjoy the tutorial and that it will help you to get started with these ubiquitous sites which your friends, children and grandchildren have…

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Posts, Pages and Categories – when do I use them?

When creating content you have to decide whether to use a post or a page which, at first sight, appear to be the same thing. Here is an explanation of the difference between the two concepts: Posts appear in the news feed on the main page.…

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Our web site opens up to social media (updated)

Our web site is visited by members and non-members, from the Costa Blanca area - but also from around the world. A sizeable proportion of visitors come from social media - for any website, whether a business, a newspaper or a personal site. A new…

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New Home Page

  New Home Page Layout Current Home Page - dynamic content, includes a small slider, limited control over posts shown and persistence (i.e. how long they will stay on home page). Some complaints: hard to find things, most active groups hog…

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Las Chicas que Comen – November Lunch at El Chamizo

There is not a better location in the whole of Moraira for fantastic sea views and lovely food. So November’s lunch for 31 Chicas was eagerly awaited. The weather was a little overcast but we were not disappointed as Maxine and her team…

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Geoffrey Shean

1935 – 2018 On 21st September we sadly lost our long term member Geoffrey Shean. This came as a big shock to his family and friends however he will always stay in our hearts as one of the kindest men we have met. Geoffrey will be missed…

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Facebook closed group membership keeps growing

If you want to sell, buy, borrow or ask a question Following requests by members to have a space to advertise items they wish to sell, buy, lend, borrow or just ask questions, we have set up a Facebook group: U3A Moraira-Teulada Members. To…

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Contact Web Administrator

This website is for the U3A Moraira-Teulada community.Suggestions and feedback are always welcome. Contact the webmasters: using this…

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A new front page for the New Year

Since the launch of the new website in January 2014, we’ve been receiving feedback and requests from members. Most of the feedback was favourable, but a few remarks came back frequently: Nice dynamic site, constantly updated by the editors,…

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