Agenda – Monthly Meeting – 1st December, 2014

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada 

Agenda for the Annual Meeting to held on

1st December 2014 at Salon de Banquettes, Teulada


  1. First Call for Annual General Meeting
  2. Welcome and Reminder of Emergency Procedures
  3. Synopsis of the Minutes from 3rd November
  4. Approval & Adoption of the Minutes from 3rd November 2014
  5. President’s Address Jill Cole
  6. Reports
    1. Treasurer                 Titch Crossfield
    2. Group Co-Ordinator        Shirley Baehr
    3. Travel Group              Carol Mantle
    4. Cultural Arts Events      Beverley & Hugh Stewart
    5. Committee/Members         Liaison Brian Nicholls
  7. Any Other Business
  8. End of Year Report for 2014
  9. Vote of Thanks to the Outgoing Committee
  10. Second Call for the AGM
  11. Election of new Committee for 2015 introduced by the Election Officer Malcolm Need
  12. Free Draw