Chess @ La Senieta, (Upstairs room on left at end)
Nov 21 @ 10:00 – 12:00
Frequency:  Weekly:  Thursdays 10.00 to 12.00

Venue: La Senieta, Moraira (Upstairs room on left at end)

Group Leader: Ed Morley

Chess set – wikimedia


The Chess Group are currently looking for more members. They are a group of varying ability who enjoy playing this fascinating and challenging game, so if you are interested then please come along and join thems. We can help you learn the game if necessary.

Click here for further information.

Contact the Group Leader:

Pétanque 2 @ Purpose built rinks at Cumbre del Sol
Nov 21 @ 10:00 – 14:00

Frequency: Weekly: Thursday 10:00 – 14:00

Venue: Purpose built rinks at Cumbre del Sol

Group Leader: Pamela Powell

Owing to the huge success of the original pétanque group, It was decided to run a second group which meets on Thursday mornings at the courts on the Cumbre del Sol.  Afterwards, we go for coffee at a local bar.


It’s a very easy game to learn and you can be winning almost immediately!

What is Pétanque?

Pétanque (in French) is a form of boules where the goal is to throw metal balls as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet or Jack.

The object of the game is to throw your balls – usually with an arched back-spin – so that they land closer to the small object ball (jack) than those of your opponent, or strike and drive the object ball toward your other balls and away from your opponent’s.

The only really essential equipment is a set of steel boules (three minimum). A set costs anywhere from 12 euros upwards from most Chinese shops. However come along and try a game first to see if you want to join the group, and buy your own set after that if you do then decide to join.

Pétanque 3 @ Solpark
Nov 21 @ 10:00 – 12:00

Frequency: Weekly: Thursday 10:00 – 12:00

Venue: Solpark, Moraira

Group Leader: Doug Evans

Douglas Evans

Owing to the huge success of the original Pétanque groups, this third group was set up.

This group is also popular and currently have a few vacancies. If you wish to join us please contact me at the email address below.



Contact the Group Leader:

Dance Fitness Group @ Sol Park Tennis Club
Nov 21 @ 10:30 – 12:30

Frequency: Weekly:  Thursdays  Two groups 10:30-11:30 and 11.30 – 12.30

Venue: Sol Park Tennis Club, Moraira

Group Leader: Pam Small

A dance fitness workout (you don’t need a partner), and is designed for people who love to dance and want to keep fit, but for a variety of reasons, prefer a lighter intensity, lower impact and perhaps a slower pace.

It combines old-style dance genres such as the Bossa Nova and Foxtrot, to the Flamenco and Argentine Tango.

The dance steps are easier to follow, enabling more participants to have fun getting fit, while learning classic dances of the ages. The classes are an hour long.

Padel Tennis @ La Senieta, (Courts)
Nov 21 @ 10:30 – 12:00

Frequency : Weekly:  Tuesdays 10.30 to 12.00 

Venue: La Senieta, (Courts), Moraira

Group Leader: Brian Butler

Padel is a racquet sport typically played in doubles on an enclosed court a third of the size of a tennis court. This group would be suitable for people who have previously played tennis or squash. There would be four players per court and the cost would be 5 euros per person per session. The Game is played with tennis balls and padel racquets (not provided).

If you are interested please contact Brian Butler:

Mahjong @ Bar El Martillo,  Underneath Pepe La Sal on the Moraira to Teulada Road.  Opposite end to Letters R Us
Nov 21 @ 14:00 – 16:00
Frequency: Weekly: Thursday 14:00 – 16:00

Venue : Bar El Martillo,  Underneath Pepe La Sal on the Moraira to Teulada Road.  Opposite end to Letters R Us

Group Leader: David Goodall

David Goodall Group Leader

Group Leader


We are a friendly group of all standards and we use the new International Rules (sometimes called Mahjong Competition Rules) devised by China  and used for the first World Mahjong championships in Tokyo in 2002.


If you are new to the game, you will play Mahjong in its simplest form (Pungs, Kongs & Chows) for a few weeks in order to get used to the tiles and the form of play. Then a variety of proper scoring hands will be gradually introduced, and this is the real appeal of the game.

The more you learn, the better you will become, and the more enjoyment you will get from the game. If you have played Mahjong before, then you will move on to the proper scoring hands more quickly.
It is these new rules which allow complete beginners and experienced players to play together. For instance if you learned in, say, Singapore or the Middle East, you would have to adapt your game slightly and learn the newer, simplified way of scoring, but in practice it works very well, and we regularly play socially with Jávea U3A group.


Write up and photographs of the July 2010 Moraira-Jávea Mahjong match

Contact the Group Leader:

Pétanque 4 @ Solpark
Nov 21 @ 14:00

Frequency: Weekly Thursdays  Time: 14:00

Venue: Sol Park Moraira

Group leader Vacancy –

For further detail contact Groups Coordinator:

Following the success of the original group and then the next two pétanque groups, resulting in a waiting list of interested players, in January 2011 a fourth group was set up to meet on a Thursday afternoon at Brevis Bar, Sol Park in Moraira.

What is Petanque?

Pétanque (in French) is a form of boules where the goal is to throw metal balls (boules) as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet or Jack.

The object of the game is to throw your Petanque boules  – usually in an arched back-spin – so that they land closer to the Jack than those of your opponent, or to strike and drive your opponents boule away from the Jack.

The only essential need  is a set of steel boules (three minimum), which should have identical markings (grooves). A set of boules can costs anywhere from 8 euros upwards and can be purchased from most Chinese shops.

There is no group leader at present

Table Tennis @ Sports Centre
Nov 21 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Frequency: Weekly: Thursdays 14:00-16:00

Venue: Sports Centre, Benissa

Group Leader:  Janet Dane

Table Tennis is great fun and good exercise – so come along, even if you’ve never played before – we can teach you the basics!   Bats and balls will be supplied, and you just need to wear comfortable clothing, preferably dark in colour.

The approximate cost for the session will be 3-4 euros.

Contact the Group Leader:

Quiz @  Innate Active / Sol Park Tennis Club
Nov 21 @ 15:45

Frequency: Fortnightly: Thursdays – 15:45 for a 16:00 start

Venue: Innate Active / Sol Park Tennis Club, Moraira

Group Leaders: John and Lyndsay Dickinson

This Group was started over 7 years ago and has proved very popular. It has always been a FUN QUIZ, with “Prizes” and has recently taken on a new format with 5 separate Quizmasters taking turns, thus bringing a new approach and diversity to each meeting. Why not come along and join in? Both couples and singles are most welcome to join in.

Each Quiz session lasts approximately two hours.

Innate Active / Sol Park Tennis Club bar will be available for drinks and snacks before the Quiz and during the interval. The Restaurant is open in the evenings.

The forthcoming Quiz dates are as follows:

  • Thu 31 Jan 2019
  • Thu 14 Feb 2019
  • Thu 28 Feb 2019
  • Thu 14 Mar 2019
  • Thu 28 Mar 2019
  • Thu 11 Apr 2019
  • Thu 25 Apr 2019
  • Thu 09 May 2019
  • Thu 23 May 2019
  • Thu 06 June 2019
  • Thu 20 Jun 2019

You can contact the Quiz Group Leader on

Spanish Classes – From Post Beginners to Intermediate
Nov 22 @ 10:00

Frequency: Weekly:  Wednesday & Fridays 

Venue: Bar Mediterraneo, Avd. del Mediterraneo, Teulada

Group Leader:   Pauline McGough – contact me for timings

My name is Pauline McGough and I’m one of the U3A Associate Spanish Teachers.

I do a variety of classes from beginners, post beginners, pre intermediate and intermediate, and I charge 4€ per person per lesson to be paid up front at the beginning of each month. This is the discounted amount especially for U3A member. Non members pay 5€ a class, so a pretty big saving!!!

To help cover all levels of learning Spanish I have put the post beginners in for those who aren’t absolute beginners and the pre intermediate for those who need a bit of a push to get talking! If you’re not sure what level you are no problem come to a beginner’s class and together we can see identify which is correct level for you.

I teach at Bar Med in Teulada – on Wednesdays and Friday. Times vary depending on your level. So please contact me on the email address below in the first instance.

No lessons in July-August (Lessons resume in September)

Pauline Mcgough –

Weight Loss Support
Nov 22 @ 10:30 – 11:30
Weight Loss Support

Frequency: Weekly:  Fridays – 10:30 – 11:30

Venue: Spencers Bar, Moraira

Group Leader: Tracy Reynolds

This new group is aimed at those who would like a bit of motivation and help with their weight loss plans.

The sessions start with a weigh in, followed by a structured talk, with ideas on recipes and cooking tips.

Tracy Reynolds is weightwatcher trained but you can follow whichever diet suits you.

The cost is 4 euros per session, which is a discounted price for U3A members.

For further information, please contact Tracy at

Ukulele @ El Martillo bar
Nov 22 @ 13:30

Frequency: Weekly: Fridays at 13:30

Venue: El Martillo, Moraira

Group Leader: Roger Saunders

Ukulele groups are one of the most popular social activities in the UK especially in close knit village communities with new groups being formed almost daily. The Ukulele is a very simple instrument to learn to play and perfectly good instruments are available e.g. from Amazon @ between €30 to €60.
Most schools now teach pupils to play the ukulele because it is a much more versatile instrument than recorders and is more likely to encourage players to become enthusiastic about music.

Our Ukulele Group had its first meeting on the 17th November 2016 and, meets each Friday at 1.30pm at Sol Park Tennis Club, usually for a couple of hours. By September 2017 we had twenty members and in May 2018 more than thirty- almost all starting as complete novices.
All are welcome and song lists with simple chord charts are freely available.

Our Ukulele Group entertained fellow members of Moraira-Teulada U3A with an enjoyable ‘song-along’ at the December General meeting last year (2017) and are busy practicing for another performance at the December 2018 General Meeting. Many UK Ukulele groups raise thousands for local charities e.g the Eskdale group in N. Yorks. has raised more than £10,000 for the local Air Ambulance service.
Unfortunately, some UK Groups appear to be a little shy but this is an American group showing what it’s all about:

Contact the Group Leader Roger Saunders if you would like to come along and join us:

Family History (Genealogy) @ Aula de Asociaciones, Calle Calatayud 45, 1st floor
Nov 22 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Frequency: Weekly: Fridays 14:00 – 16:00

Venue: Aula de Asociaciones, Calle Calatayud 45, 1st floor (there is a lift)

Group leader: Noelene Cummins

The group has been set up to help members to trace their Family History using online sites.
You will learn how to use the free genealogy sites and will be able to trace your family back. You will be able to put all the information onto your computer so you can print a tree. Once you grow a family tree you may want to subscribe to one of the big Genealogy sites. This will enable you to prove or disprove those family stories, put names to photographs and find relatives all over the world.
You will need to be able to use a computer/ tablet and bring it with you and a notebook to meetings. You need to bring any family certificates or documents to add the information to your tree. You will not miss anything if you do not attend a meeting as each member works at his/her own pace.

If you are interested, please contact Noelene Cummins:

Nov 22 @ 14:30 – 17:00

Frequency: Weekly: Fridays at 14:30-17:00

Venue: To be confirmed in Moraira

Group Leader: Sybille Ross

The Bridge Group currently have space available for more members. They  are a group of people who play a friendly game of bridge every Friday afternoon. You do not need a partner. We play Acol and we are usually 2 or 3 tables. We would welcome more players. The restaurant only expects us to order a drink.

Please contact me Sybille at tel. 96 574 8652 – to confirm that weekly session is taking place before going to the venue.

Bridge players don’t grow old … they just lose their finesse

Contact the Group Leader:

Pétanque 5 @ Sol Park
Nov 23 @ 10:00 – 12:00
Pétanque 5 @ Sol Park

Frequency: Weekly: Saturdays – 10:00 – 12:00

Venue: Sol Park, Moraira

Group Leader:  Mike & Suzie Broderick

Following the success of the original group we now have our fifth group who meet on a Saturday morning at Brevis Bar, Sol Park in Moraira.

If you are interested in playing and joining this group, please make contact through the email address at the end of the page.

What is petanque?

Pétanque (in French) is a form of boules where the goal is to throw metal balls (boules) as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet or Jack. The object of the game is to throw your balls – usually in an arched back-spin – so that they land closer to the small object ball (the jack) than those of your opponent, or to strike and drive the object ball towards your other balls and away from your opponent’s balls. The really only essential is a set of steel boules (three minimum), which should have identical markings (groves). A set of boules can costs anywhere from 8 euros upwards and can be purchased from most Chinese shops.

Contact the Group Leader:

Spanish Conversation Intermediate @ Relax Cafe
Nov 23 @ 10:30 – 12:00
Frequency: Weekly: Saturday 10:30 – 12:00

Venue:  Relax Cafe, Moraira

Group Leader: Sheila Shipsides

A coffee morning with a difference! You need to be familiar with the different Spanish verb tenses and endings, have learnt grammar fairly thoroughly and have a certain amount of vocabulary to be able to participate as we have no teacher – you will find that you learn from some and help others.

We sit at tables of four or less so everyone gets their say. The idea is to practice in a relaxed way what we have already learnt in class. After quite a short time we are finding that we can think more quickly and consequently are becoming more fluent.

If you would like to come along, please email me Sheila Shipsides by email:


Spicy Dining
Nov 24 @ 19:30
Frequency: Monthly:  2nd Monday  19:00 for 19:30Venue: Various – MorairaGroup Leaders: John & Elaine Ross

Spicy Dining Group  – if  you are interested in a social evening enjoying the delights of more exotic foods such as Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Greek, Iranian or Turkish food then, this group is for you. The group will meet monthly for couples and singles to visit different restaurants and to enjoy something a bit different. If you wish to join email John & Elaine Ross – Group Leaders Spicy Dining.

Canasta @ Moonlighters bar
Nov 25 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Frequency: Weekly: Mondays 14:00-16:00

Venue: Moonlighters bar Moraira

Group Leader: Sandy Bianco

Canasta is an uncomplicated card game for singles, partners or for 6 persons. The game is similar to rummy where you collect numbered cards. It’s fun and not difficult. Read more about the game and its rules.

Playing canasta at the Bar El Martillo in Moraira
photo 1

The canasta group are a very happy and sociable group of people who meet not just to play the game but we have become a bunch of friends
Each week we contribute to a kitty to enable us to attend regular meals out at local restaurants..

Contact group leader by phone 96 574 4850 or via:

Flower Arranging @ Los Leones
Nov 25 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Frequency: Weekly: Mondays 14:00 – 16:00

Venue:  Los Leones, Sol Park, Moraira

Group Leader: Tina Wallis

Flower Arranging is a very relaxing hobby. The object for each lesson is to produce a floral design to be enjoyed in your home by you and your family. It does not matter if you have no knowledge of the subject, that is what I am there for. Both male and female members are most welcome.

We now meet on a Monday at Los Leones Tennis Club 2pm to 4pm. The dates up until the end of the 2017 are October 9th October 23rd November 6th December 4th and December 18th. If members would  like to attend they must telephone me first to find out what components are required. Tel : 96583 3197.

I am a NAFAS qualified tutor, demonstrator and judge and it has been my hobby for the past 35 years.

Each session will cost 4 euros plus the components for the lesson. At the end of the session you will be told what to bring for the following one.

This is a fun thing to do and it will be a joy to share my knowledge and the use of different plant materials with you, so do come along. I look forward to hearing from you.

Photo: Ann Colclough
Meeting at a member’s home: “After the pleasure of creating the display in the picture, we enjoyed tea or coffee and cakes. A very pleasant and civilised way to spend the afternoon … it’s really great fun!”

Contact the Group Leader:

Green Bowls @ The Inn on The Green
Nov 25 @ 14:00 – 16:00

Frequency: Weekly:  Mondays and Wednesdays – 14:00 – 16:00

Venue:  The Inn on The Green, Javea 

Group Leaders: Monday – Ray Durrant  Wednesday – David & Eileen Haxon

Ray Durrant

Monday Group leader

email David &amp, Haxon

Wednesday Group leaders

If you are interested in joining us, you must register with the Group Leader. Email to find out the latest position or more information, by clicking on the photo of Ray (for the Monday group) and/or David & Eileen (for the Wednesday group).