Christmas Dinner Dance 2013

NEWSLETTER Number 59 - January 2014

A review by Carol Corke

The third Moraira-Teulada U3A Christmas Dinner Dance 2013 was a resounding success this year.

A crisp clear Wednesday, 11th December, found our new president, Jill Cole and her husband, receiving the 320-odd guests in champagne style. Each arriving guest was greeted with a smile and a glass of bubbly adult beverage to start the evening on the right foot.

Quietly gracious, with a low-key splendour that brought out the panache in our group of vagabonds and expats, Salon Canor exceeded expectation. From the efficient affable serving staff guided by Miguel, to the appetizingly presented food, the venue did itself proud.

With little encouragement from the smashing musical husband-and-wife duo of Timewarp, members took to the dance floor with an enthusiasm that might have been alarming were it witnessed in those colder climes from whence many of us migrated. Here on the Costa Blanca the warmth has seeped into our bones, and our zeal is now genuine and effortless. And did we ever cut a rug!

Some of our members jived quite professionally, while others waltzed and two stepped and swayed. There was a hint of salsa, a fair amount of watusi, a generous gaggle of twisters, and possibly a single episode of break dancing. Either that or someone slipped on a banana peel! Seldom has a room full of pre-geriatric sunbirds acquitted themselves so gracefully, and all this while dressed in our formal gowns, many balanced upon sky-high heels. And that was just the men!

Ah, and those men. Gentlemen you truly outdid yourselves. We women had plenty of dashing figures to feast our eyes upon. Style is certainly not reserved for the fairer sex alone, as the pictures will attest. Gaze in wonder at the photos of the U3A’s lads proudly squiring their equally well turned out ladies.

Oh ladies, many a partner swooned upon your grand entrance on the night. From the glowing faces and looks of love, it was clear to any discerning eye that you’ve stolen his heart and he finds you lovelier today than the day you met. The sequins and spangles merely underscored that underlying ‘you-ness’ that visibly charmed your boys. It was heartwarming to observe so many genuinely happy couples sharing a bit of Christmas cheer.

Of course the polish and grace was not the sole provenance of the couples in attendance. The many single members fully enjoyed the evening, dancing and making merry with true U3A exuberance.

Dickens’ ghosts would have decreed the event a Christmas marvel. The good cheer and milk of human kindness, better known here as wine, were flowing freely due to the dedication and effort of our own Christmas elves. We owe a debt of gratitude to Pat Clarke, Shirley Baehr and Sue Popkin, who laboured long and hard these many months to make the Christmas Dinner Dance a night to remember.

Happy New Year to All!