Dining Out at Satari’s – March 2022

Abi is back! And at his best!

After a break of nearly three and a half years, the U3A Dining Out group met at Satari’s restaurant on 15th March for a special Greek evening meal. Our hosts were Brian and Pat Clarke who, as usual, were very gracious and well organised hosts.

We were welcomed by a glass of cava and then our starters were a plate almost overflowing with the most delicious Greek meze for us to share. Of course, moussaka was one of the choices for the  ‘main’ course and a friend of mine said it was the best she had ever tasted. My Greek style sea bass was equally good and I am told that the lamb kleftico was superb. The home-made Baklavas, oozing with honey, were a taste I will always associate with our time living in the Middle East. Baklavas are not only an Eastern European but also a Middle Eastern favourite. The alternative dessert, Warm Honey Cup Pudding with Pistachio Ice Cream, was equally very popular. I forgot about the calories for the evening !!

Abi and his team worked hard to give us an excellent meal and efficient friendly service.

So thank you Abi, and thank you Pat and Brian for organising such a good evening for us.

A second Greek evening was also held on Tuesday, 22nd March.

Review by Meri Snell, Photos by John Snell, Pat & Mo