Amusing Czech statuary and more artworks

Mon 25 October, 2021 @ 10:30 – 11:30
Teatro des Actos at La Senieta
Speaker: Rosalind Miranda

Traditional, Horrific, & Ridiculously Amusing CZECH STATUARY along with a Few Other Related Artworks. 

With Czechia’s position in central Europe, it has been invaded many times & has been taken over from time to time by one power or another. Given that, there are of course many images attesting to the difficult times they have had during wars & occupations. What is less easy to understand is how so much humour has been retained through it all, & how forgiving the people & government seem to be of artists’ poking fun of the country. This is what makes it such a fun place to visit. This will give you a sampling, ranging from the ordinary to the horrific to the amusing & controversial, all jumbled together.