The History of the National Trust

Mon 11 October, 2021 @ 10:30 – 11:30
Teatro des Actos at La Senieta
Speaker: John Hopwood

We are waiting for confirmation from the Ayuntamiento that we may use the venue of the Teatro des Actos at La Senieta on this date. Immediately we receive confirmation we will inform all of our members.

The National Trust was founded in 1895 by three people. They were

They were exceptional people who very much cared for the welfare of the ‘Common Man’ and their initial efforts were to preserve open areas such as Wimbledon Common, Hampstead Heath, and Parliament Hill Fields from being developed and that they remain open spaces available for the pleasure of the general public.
Later, they also turned their attention to such beautiful areas as The Lake District and hundreds of miles of the British Coastline.
The portfolio of properties began with the very modest Alfriston Clergy House in Sussex which was purchased for only £10.
The Trust now owns more than 130 substantial properties,180,000 acres of land and they are the nation’s largest farm owners with more than 1,500 tenanted farmers. They own 180 registered gardens and have the largest collection of gardens and parks in Europe.
More than 780 miles of the British coastline is now owned by the National Trust and the Trust now has more than 5.6 million members.
This is a very well-illustrated talk which covers the lives of the founders as well as including useful and interesting information on some of its properties.
It is hoped that it will be enjoyed by our members.