February 2018 meeting

Moraira U3A Photo Group meeting held at Mortillo Bar, Moraira, at 1030 hrs on Wednesday 14th February 2018.

  1. The meeting was chaired by Bob Bamber, who had chaired recent meetings during Group Leader Trevor Kemp’s illness. With the recent very sad passing of Trevor, Bob called the meeting so the members could discuss the group’s future. Fifteen group members were present.
  1. The members agreed that they wanted the group to continue, so a new group leader was required. Bob Bamber could not take on the role as he spent much time in the UK. John Snell offered to be the group leader, but as he liked travelling, he wanted to have a nominated deputy to assist him. Tom Birch offered to do this and Jan Adams said she would be available to chair if both John and Tom were away. The group agreed that it would continue, with this arrangement.
  1. The group discussed several topics, including:

The group would meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at the Mortillo Bar in Moraira at 1030. After the meeting there was some discussion whether it would be better to start at 1100, and for group members to eat at the bar after the meeting, if they wished.

A resume of each monthly meeting would be sent to each group member. A programme would be published twice a year, outlining planned events for the following 6 months.

Tutorials and practical help should be included during meetings. The more experienced members of the group could help the less experience members obtain better results. However, it is important to pitch the tutorials at the right level, bearing in mind the varying experience levels of the group.  Suggested subjects included photo composition, use of filters, use of flash, exposure, photographing fast moving objects, JPEG and RAW – what and why?, Photo editing programmes.

Outings. The group agreed that there should be 5 – 6 outings each year, on different days to the monthly meetings. The destinations should be reasonably local to enable the group to both take interesting images and have a meal together. The first outing is planned on the 19th March, to Denia to take photos of the Fallas. The burnings take place that evening/night. Further details of the meeting place and timings will follow after more research.

Subject of the month. This would continue, with a designated subject for members to photograph during the month following a meeting, to show at the subsequent meeting. So no archive images! A maximum of 4 images per group member would be shown. Those wanting to have their photos shown should put them on a USB stick, and bring that to the meeting. If members were unable to attend the meeting, but wanted images shown, they should be emailed to the group leader in good time. The subject for showing at the March meeting is “Waves” (Chosen by Jan).

  1. The next meeting will be held at the Mortillo Bar in Moraira on Wednesday 21st March at 1030 hrs.