Film Group 13th March 17:45: The Walk

When: Monday 13 March, doors open 17;45, film commences 18:00 ends 20:00

Where: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

What: The Walk

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1974, and it’s not really the best of times to be living in the USA. 10 years previously President Kennedy was shot dead and in 74 Nixon was about to leave office over the Watergate scandal. One French man on an August day that year made all America look up to the skies again and bring them together as one and he was Phillippe Petit. Connecting a cable between the newly constructed Twin Towers, Petit tightrope walked across the 140 foot distance 400 metre drop, not once but 8 times.

The film focuses on Petit and his dream, how he got there and how he achieved the impossible. Played surprisingly well by Joseph Gordon Levitt who does a good job of bringing across the arrogance and elated nature of the Frenchman, the film is really all about the crossing which takes up about 30 minutes of the end of the film. There are tense moments to sit through first with the setting up of the cable and the possibility of the night guard finding them! I’m a cinema usher and sit in a dozen films a month and still, after thousands of film viewings, there are still some that make you watch in awe at the whole thing. You never disbelieve that Levitt isn’t actually walking across this vast chasm on a thin cable, and, as said, you are right up there on the cable with him and it is one of the most intense pieces of filmmaking I’ve ever seen.

Perhaps it’s possible that the film has come too soon after Man on Wire, however, perhaps it is also the tragedy of the Twin Towers in 2001 that made this remarkable feat more than just a news story in 1974, (one which Nixon must have been quite pleased to see on the newspapers covers for at least a day as he resigned two days later – he gets a few mentions throughout the film too – as one man falls, another rises!). Matthew J. Parker, 2 Oct. 2015