Healthy Walking Group 2019 March Report

26th & 28th February Jesus Pobre, eastern Campo and church
The walks were done in opposite directions and it is amazing how the views are different. The walk starts near the Rui Rau in the village centre and goes out of the village along a rough track among vineyards. It is surprising how many different ways the vines can be grown. The walk then turns along a concrete track. This was used before the concrete set and there are cycle tracks and car tyre marks getting deeper and deeper until the car finally came to a stop! This caused some amusement. Then it passes an imposing gateway and high railings around a plot with an old motorhome with home made water tower, solar panels and bits of sheds. Turning back towards the village gives a good view of the new apartments in Jesus Pobre and then it passes the pedestrian area in front of the large church. The walk took 60 minutes and 38 and 27 walkers took part. A large number went for coffee at Casa Rosita. The locals left when we invaded their space and our noise was deafening!

5th March Around the country paths and camis from Les Fonts 2

34 people took part in this walk in first class weather. The walk went through the woods and past a large flock of sheep/goats with their accompanying dogs. The walk took just over an hour and coffee was taken by 10 people in Benitachell at Trillaora Bar.

7thMarch Les Fonts to Teulada Quarry

17 people turned out for this most strenuous and longest walk in the programme. Two people dropped out after the first section and did their own thing before meeting up at the car park at the end of the walk. At the quarry the views were very good as the weather was perfect. On leaving the quarry, walkers were given the option of going on an additional climb up to the mast.10 people accepted the challenge with the remainder resting at the bottom. The views from the top were stunning and Cullera and Ibiza could be seen on the horizon. On the way down there were several lines of processional caterpillars so it was fortunate that on this walk there were no dogs. The walk took just under two hours and as lunch was looming coffee was taken by just 3 people at Trillaora Bar.
Betty & David

12th March Javea, around the Gorgos river and the Old Town ( NEW!)

This is a new walk. 39 walkers and a dog were guided along the bank of the Gorgos dry river bed up to the old town of Javea. The weather was fantastic with great views of the windmills on the hills above the town and Javea and Montgo from a different perspective. Twenty minutes into the walk is a small stone bridge and a wall and tower. These date back to 16th Century. Unfortunately some of these ancient buildings were destroyed in the 2007 floods and an ugly concrete wall has been built to protect them. Coffee was taken during the walk on reaching the old town square. Those not wishing to stop were given directions back to the car park about 15 minutes away. The walk ends passing up the old pedestrian street to the Casa de Cultura and then turns right down a quaint street festooned with plants and bushes. The old ornamental doors are fascinating.
Dave & Sandie

14th March As above
32 people took part. As it was market day it was decided to give walkers the option of staying for coffee and doing some shopping or completing the walk and having coffee at El Paso on the drive home.10 people stayed in town and 22 completed the walk. Unfortunately a lady tripped and fell but soon recovered and continued. The walk took 1hour and 10 minutes. Betty & David

19th & 21st March Around the camis between Teulada, Borda, Sisca

This walk was quite taxing and took the full 1hr 15 minutes. All agreed it was a good walk with some steep places. 34 on Tuesday and 21 on Thursday.