Healthy Walking Rekkie Report

Keeping the healthy walking group alive kicking requires not only leading the walks and weekly rekkies on the current walks to be done to ensure the group can pass without problems.
A lesser known activity is the finding of new walks. This is not only to extent the portfolio but also to keep interest in the walking and provide walkers with new areas to explore.
Doing rekkies is always an adventure. Often the envisaged route has obstacles which can or cannot be removed. If not, an alternative has to be found. Spanish land owner habits often block paths with on maps are supposedly passable.
Finding a usable route of 1 hr walk involves often 4 to 6 hours of searching and exploring. After that the route has to be written out. With this document other walk leaders verify the route to detect discrepancies and unclarity so that future leaders or walkers can successfully do the walk. After this, the walk gets finalized, route maps drawn and the walk published.

The accompanying pictures give some impressions on rekkie activities for a new walk in the Cansaladas area during Nov 2019. The walk will go on the walking program in the next walking program.