Healthy Walking Report March-April 2019

All these walks were lead by Sandie & David Gower

Tuesday 26th March Javea- Rafalets to Tarraula and Tossal Gros

Twenty eight walkers and a dog turned up for this walk around the countryside of Tarraula. It was slightly overcast but it did not affect the wonderful panoramic views experienced by the group. Both of the steep embankments were completed safely and care was taken when negotiating the two ploughed fields. An interesting section of the walk includes a number of riding stables. The walk was completed within the hour and those requiring refreshments went to El Paso.
Thursday 28th March. As above

The Leaders apologised to the 24 walkers and two dogs who had to endure? an extra twenty minutes walk due to the leader taking the wrong turning while doing the walk in reverse! This is not as easy as it seems! As a result a fairly steep hill had to be completed before reconnecting with the correct path. The weather remained clear and sunny throughout the walk and Andy Bartlett was kind enough to take some photographs for the Walking Group album. By doing the walk in reverse only one steep embankment had to be negotiated but disappointingly a number of ploughed fields had to be crossed. If the farmer is near he will usually smile and wave us on as we are obviously not going to do any damage. The walk took one hour twenty minutes and walkers retired to El Paso.

It is always interesting to look back at photos of what we see on the walks in the beautiful book David Reynolds produced of the last 3 years’ walks. This can be viewed at General Meetings of the U3A on the Healthy Walking table.

Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th April Teulada- Font Santa- Sisca roads and paths

30 walkers and 3 dogs took to the mainly tarmac, quiet roads and paths around this area. The steep hills were a reminder that not every walk is easy and sometimes a little more effort is needed. (There is a detailed walk description of each walk in the programme)
The group managed to negotiate all of the steep hills and kept up a good pace. Everyone was rewarded with fantastic views in good walking weather. On the way back a number of newcomers took the opportunity to check out the works of Belgian painter Jean Claude. Coffee was taken at Pan y Pan.
On Thursday the walk was done in reverse. 20 walkers and 3 dogs set out on a chilly day and the steep hill in this direction was slightly easier as there were several level sections. The walk took 70 minutes at a good pace and all kept together.

Tuesday 9th & Thursday 11th April Javea -La Plana roads, paths and windmills.

This walk took the group of 23 walkers and 2 dogs to the area known as La Plana on the outskirts of Javea old town. After a chilly and windy start the weather improved and at the end the group enjoyed blue skies and 20C. Panoramic views, similar to those experienced on the walk last week were enjoyed without the hill climbing! The group could see, Javea Old Town, Javea Port, the Arenal, and partial views of Calpe Rock and the mountains were seen from the windmills. During the walk the group met a group of well equipped Spanish students who seemed to be walking a similar route. Coffee was at Amanecer Restaurant which was close to where the cars were parked. On Thursday the restaurant was closed so once again walkers retired to El Paso.
Tuesday 16th & Thursday 18th April Javea-Les Valls area Paths and Camis

The weather was good for this walk around the Les Valls area between Javea, Gata and Jesus Pobre. Twentyone walkers and two very eager dogs met at the car park and set out on the 6.4 Km walk at 10am. During the walk the Group came into contact with a local farmer on his splendid horse driven cart, two thoroughbred horses and their riders and a surprising number of cars on the very narrow, stony tracks. All the members managed a good pace and kept together throughout the walk which was completed in 1hour and 10 minutes. Coffee was at El Paso.
The weather was not looking too good on Thursday morning but it was decided to go ahead with the walk. Some of the views were blocked by low cloud as the group made their way round the walk in reverse to Tuesday. 12 hardy walkers braved the conditions and finished the walk in 1hr 4 minutes, a course record! The last few hundred meters was in light rain. Once again coffee was at El Paso. Considering how busy they always are it is amazing how quickly and efficiently we get served there. It is good to talk and exchange views about all topics.

Tuesday 21st & Thursday 25th April Teulada-Font Horta & Town

After the stormy wet weather over the Easter weekend it was great to see eighteen members and a dog assemble at the car park opposite L’Almacera restaurant. People were glad to be able to leave their homes. There was very little sign of water damage as much of the walk was on tarmac roads. The weather was good and remained so for the duration which allowed walkers to have a splendid view from the high point of the route. The walk ended with a walk through the old town of Teulada which some people admitted they had not seen. Coffee was at Bar Mediterraneo.
It was cold and windy at the start of Thursday’s walk which was not forecast! 22 walkers and 2 dogs set off but it did not take long for the weather to improve and on reaching the top of the hill walkers were taking off top layers of clothing. The gravel path to Font Horta was lined with and abundance of wild flowers and once again there was a clear view. Although not officially open yet, walkers were allowed a sneak preview of the newly refurbished restaurant and had coffee on the terrace.
 Dave and Sandie Gower.