Las Chicas que Comen

December Christmas Lunch at the Olive Tree

44 Chicas enjoyed a wonderful Christmas lunch at the Olive Tree Restaurant in Moraira, which opened specially for us.  We have visited here several times and Sandra and Harvey have always done us proud, especially at Christmas. We were met by a welcome glass of cava then Santa´s elves, who efficiently took our money, then gave us badges and directions. (Table Elf, Money Elf, Badge Elf and Secret Elves)  After a delicious lunch including old fashioned prawn cocktail and yummy sticky toffee pudding – not a day for dieting – Santa´s elves scooted around delivering the Secret Santa presents. It was a very enjoyable and fun afternoon, and our thanks go to all the staff, to all the Santa´s helper elves, and especially to Santa Lynn herself.

Jan Adams

Photo Elf